What a Life

by - June 26, 2011

And WHAT HAVE WE HERE?  No, it's not a pube, as I am sure all you pervs thought it was. It's a freaking grey hair!  This guy has been living in my bangs for the past year, and I didn't really mind all that much.  You could really only see it when it sliced through your eyeball, blinding you in the sun.  But recently, in lieu of certain events, he has made himself known even more.  So I killed him.  And it was glorious.

Farewell shiny grey man. I won't miss you. And your friends are not invited to the party. Ever.

This weekend I chose to be lazy.  It was supposed to be a cleaning-till-it-sparkles-grocery-shop-mania-work-out-sweat-die weekend. And it was, it was.  Just not all spread out like a normal person would do it.  Saturday came and went and 8PM hit and I somehow found my energy and we cleaned like maniacs.  I worked out like a maniac.  I showered like a maniac.  

We saved the grocery shopping until Sunday. And then we did that like maniacs too.

So lets talk about today, in all it's boring gloriousness. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The animals needed to be cooked for. And I was a good animal lover and I cooked them up a big batch of their favourite; ground chicken and sweet potatoes!  This has been on the menu for my little guys for the past few years now.  They love it.

Oh hey there jerk-offs.  I love how you lay around on the table (WHICH IS NOT ALLOWED) while I cook up a storm for you.  I feel like they don't need individual names anymore. Their collective name is GET OFF THE TABLE.

While I am here, I might as well prepare our dinner for tomorrow. Let that sit overnight and get some flava flav!

Assholes food is almost done.

I also cut up a shitload of strawberries. We have taken to eating them on our walk to work.  They are awesome when it's boiling and all you want is a drink of water and then voila! Your Amazingness pulls a giant tub of strawberries out of her bag!

They never fail to impress.  

Ok chicken is cooked. Time to drain all the fat. We almost lost one of our guys to liver disease a couple of years ago. But with a home cooked diet, many needles given by yours truly, and forcing food down her throat, we were able to save her. We were told that it was dry food, the fact that she is a timid cat, and the fact that she is fat all added to her getting liver disease.  We have cooked this for them ever since.

Look at all that nastiness.

Sweet potatoes need to be steamed and then it's good to go.

Oh speaking of the fat kitty...there she is.  Perfectly healthy now, albeit still a little bit chunky.  It's ok, I like the big girls. I threaten to throw her fat thigh on the barbecue and munch on it when I say that. Then she scratches my face off. HOLY SENSITIVE.

After I did the work of ten in the kitchen, I figured it was time for some 'me time'. Video games and beer, here I come.

Yes please and thank you.

Don't mind if I do!

More comfy on the floor.  Where I am used to playing video games. I don't last as long as I did when I was 8-years-old on account of being old, but I still have more fun this way.


Oh right, back to this boring crap. Can you tell I have NO material for my blog today? Just wondering.

Squish, smoosh. Can't they do this part themselves? God.

The final result. This will feed the three of them for a few days. Pigs.


They have to be separated with their backs to each other. Otherwise war is declared.

Time for outside time!

Need to stretch.

Nice face.

Seriously though, where can I stretch?

Here is great.

Uh yeah it kind of hurt.

Model face stretch pose.


Cook me up a burger bitch!

Oh the faces that happen to me.

Full, time to sleep.


Ok get that camera out of my face!

I hope you all enjoyed my 'I got nothing' blog post on this fine evening.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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