Will I Ever Get Naked on the Internet?

by - June 11, 2011


But that doesn't mean that I think there is anything wrong with it.  

The reason why I even bring this up, is because people get weird about 'regular' people being naked.  Regular people meaning those not in the porn industry or a similar profession.  Of course I don't think that people should be walking around the supermarket baring their all, but in your own home, OR, on your own blog...nothing wrong with it.

I happen to be slightly in love with Raymi the Minx.  I have talked about her before on my blog, because I have never come across someone as carefree, and who just doesn't give a shit like she is, and does.  She has been doing this blog thing for over ten years, and is successful at it.  Does she show her tits sometimes? Sure. But I am a straight girl, and that is not what draws me there.  I am drawn to her because she is not ASHAMED to show herself off in her own space.  Yes, the internet is everyone's space, but her blog is her home, and if you don't want to see someone naked, don't pop in on them when you know it is something they do sometimes.  

I don't understand why people get so offended by this.  Am I the strange one?  I mean, we all know I am, but in this situation?  I ask because I have sent people her way and when they see a boob, they freak out.  IT'S A BOOB!  They can't understand why anyone would do that on the internet.  Don't they know that people can do nasty things while looking at your picture?  I roll my eyes at this. You could be fully clothed, picking you nose, and people WILL do nasty things to it.  Everyone has a fetish.  Life is too short to be a prude, I think.  Or to pretend that you are a prude.  No one stays innocent forever.  

I guess that living with a girl in second year of university who was constantly naked in our home made me think differently about being naked.  Believe me, when she is standing at the top of the stairs butt naked asking you to buy a can of tomato soup, you get used to it pretty quick.  

Blogs are becoming bigger than celebrities these days.  I just think that, it's your domain, your decision.  

What do you think?  Would you visit a blog that contained nudity?

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