Birthday Man

by - July 11, 2011

When do boys become men?  After 30? 40?  Look at this guy.  29...still a baby...

The morning of Dave's birthday and he didn't have to work.  But because he is the sweetest person on the planet, he got up early (well, sort of) with me to walk me to work.  What a shit-eating grin huh?

It was another perfect Summer day.

Happy birthday love of my life.

Like an asshole, I forced him to sit on the grass to remember what it was like to be a little kid. You know, because he is so far removed.

And then we were fascinated by this. Man-made things growing out of trees are always fascinating.

Toronto is so green right now.


I took Dave out for a fancy feast.  HA!  He is showing me a cryptic message that his brother (HI STEVE! Or...HELLO STEVE!) sent him of the gift he was giving him. What the eff could it be?

God this was sweet. Italians and their lemon-y sweet drinks. It was good!!

Yum. Bruschetta made right. If you are ever in Toronto (or live here) Vesuzio's over on the West end is delicious.

Cannelloni.  My god it was good.  This is one of those places where you venture to try new things and everything that you try is delicious. Love places like that.

I had the penne a la vodka. Another hit. It had prosciutto in can you go wrong?

Told Dave to sit on this wagon thing. I wanted him to feel kin to something that was also as old as dirt.

Me on the other hand, I never age. Sigh.

The neighborhood we live in is called the Junction. Because of the trains and the history (which is actually kind of cool if you are interested). They like to include all these cutesy little trains all over the place. How cutesy. 


Poor Dave. He is looking ahead into his 30s and seeing more of ME ME ME!!! You can't get away from me hahahahah!  

Too psycho?

And then I hid something in the fridge for him. I hid it when he was sitting in the kitchen with me, having a conversation with me.

And he found it!! And look!  The inside of my fridge! Isn't everyone interested in that kind of thing? Water, all the stuff to make S'mores, cream, rice milk, bowl of the cat's cooked food, 3 pounds of ground chicken to make them a new round of food, strawberries and a sweet potato. Wasn't that exhilarating? 



Happy birthday Dave.  Lerve you! 

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