Hot in the City Tonight

by - July 12, 2011

Remember back, long ago, in Dave's birthday post, when his brother sent him cryptic pictures of what his present was?  Well, here are cryptic pictures of what it IS.  Think you can guess?  You can't.

If you guessed Frank Black singing in my living room wall, you are right!  You have my respect and awe for the rest of my life AND BEYOND. Is this painting not fucking amazing?  I have always, always respected Dave's brother as an artist. His level of talent is awesome AND he is a super nice guy. Thanks Steve! We love fat Frank Black on our wall! 

Doesn't it really look like he is just behind the wall, singing away? It looks so good there.

And then because Steve thinks he is a FUNNY GUY or something, he painted this on the side.  This is from a comment I once briefly, in passing, didn't really make about how I was maybe desperate enough for some art on the walls that I would be willing to buy some from Wal-Mart.  You are funny Steve.  I am also going to trip you the next time I see you.

Again, Dave being a sweetheart love of my life and walking me to work when he doesn't have to go into work himself. Sigh, ain't I a lucky gal?

Oh god. And then there was this. I was too lazy to put on sunglasses so the sun seared my eyeballs. And you get this delightful piece of whimsy.

It has seriously been so hot. NOT COMPLAINING.  Who am I these days?  Who is this girl who likes the heat and sunshine?  I am a winter girl dammit! Cold and snow and darkness for 10 months, that's what I am all about. Is this what getting old does to you?  A friend of mine mentioned something about joints the other day. No one uses that word under 80.

This is how I would like to float to work when it is super hot. Nothing should touch anything else, that's the key to staying cool. Remember that and walk with your arms like this and your legs spread.  Everyone will understand.

HA!  This is the beginning of 'bitch face'. A term coined by Dave for when your significant other looks at you sideways and scowls and makes you feel like you are two feet tall. The smile left and full bitch face was enjoyed by all.

Love this house.  

Aren't Canadians nice? Someone was nice enough to start a collection of dog shit by this person's fence, and said fence owner left a nice little note.

Magical little garden of magic.  I bet they all come to life when no one is looking.

And then it rained allergies.  

I feel like the countdown is on for Fall.  I am NOT wanting summer to hurry itself along. I know it's only the middle of July, but it starts getting cold in the middle of September. I am treating every beautiful summer day as if it was the last.

Enjoy life people!

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