I Pretty Much Forgot My Camera All Weekend

by - July 03, 2011

The title pretty much says it all. I am a douche and forgot my camera everywhere we went this weekend.  Also, my phone.  Who does that? So friend's, this is what you get. This crap that I managed to scrape together.  Have fun.

On the way to work on Thursday, last day of work before the long weekend (Canada Day yay!) and Dave snapped this picture of me. I am slimming down guys.  It's about effing time.  I work out everyday.  The best thing about working out and the results are that they just spring themselves on you out of nowhere. You don't see ANY results for a hundred years and then all of a sudden, BAM! You look thinner.  I flexed for Dave this weekend and he told me I am becoming a man.  Finally, some results.

Ugh.  IV some coffee into me, stat!  Also, yes.  This is how I present myself in my corporate shit job everyday.  I am sure the I.T. guys love me.  And my blue bra. Why doesn't Dave tell me how see-through I am?  Not that I would listen.

Friday morning and the long weekend is here! Waiting game for my sister to arrive. We had breakfast out on the deck because it was the most perfect day EVER.


Oh you guys are in for a treat!  Not really. I did something new and cool with my nails and there are a thousand pictures of this little event. This is me getting you guys excited for a blog post to come. Boys need not attend this party.  Well, unless you want to, of course you are welcome.

That necklace made my neck green for days. Screw you Forever 21 and your cheap lovely trinkets that I can't resist. But look at how excited I am about my little project.

And look who's here!! It's my wonderful, beautiful sister!  Straight to the alcohol, that one!

We went out later on, and I remembered my Canada stickers, but not my camera or my phone. We brought my sister around Roncesvalles and the hood and it seemed like every single person we knew was out and in a great mood. Everyone was waving and wishing us a happy Canada day, and like an asshole, I forgot my camera at home. AND MY PHONE. Anyone else feel naked without their phones? Yeah that's me. So a potential perfect night of pictures:  gone.  

Going out for breakfast the next day. Can I stand anymore awkwardly?  I felt like a bag of ass due to the night before, and also due to the extreme amount of shit food I put into myself.  When your body is no longer used to that crap, it rejects it.  BIG TIME.  I pretty much threw my 'diet' (I am not on a diet, I just eat healthy) out the window this weekend, but who cares right? You only live once. REJECTION. You know what I mean. We bar hopped the night before this and at the last bar I felt like I was going to die, yet I still ordered a sugary shit drink and pounded it back. I literally drank it in 10 seconds just to get it over with, that's how much I didn't want it. Learned my lesson. 

Saturday night and we went out for dinner (again). A nice little thunderstorm was a-brewing as we ate dinner. We booked it home ("We need to get home or my Guess purse will be RUUUUIIIIINNEEEDDDD!" Not my quote people. NOT. MY. QUOTE). So we got into our pj's, made ourselves some drinks and watched Insidious and Paranormal Activity 2.  Oh. My. God. I had to sleep with the light on, with Dave beside me. I am not even kidding.

Miss you already Krista! Come back to me soooon!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend here in Canada!! And for my beautiful American friends, Happy Independence Day tomorrow!! xoxo

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