Picnics and Animals: Part 2

by - July 21, 2011

Oh hey there cutie.  

I last left you with part 1 of Picnics and Animals and then it got really hot and I couldn't think for a few days.  Still can't, just warning you.  The temperature out there right now feels like 49 Celsius.  That's 120 for those of you who subscribe to Fahrenheit.

Anyway, back to the picnic.  I was anxious/ nervous, we had to go blah blah it was all good.

And then Jess and I hula-hooped, which was awesome. I am a pretty good hula-hooper (thanks Wii Fit), and it was time to show off my skills. Hula hooping, in my personal opinion, is a life skill one must master. Screw math, screw spelling...hula hooping is where it's AT.


And then I took a picture with some hott triple XXX ladies. Just kidding, that's Naz and Zabrina! They are freaking awesome.  Good times! Seriously though? I look like a pimp.

Love affair with an ice cream cone.

Oh look! These are the things I would rather spend a gorgeous afternoon with! Stinky animals! Honestly, they are so cute.

I lived in the country once and we had chickens and roosters (as pets, nothing more) and one day a BEAUTIFUL peacock showed up and decided to live with the chickens. It slept where they slept, we fed it and loved it. No one had any clue where it came from.  We lived out in the middle of nowhere, so WTF? And then one day, it was gone. True story people. I loved that pretty peacock.


This guy had staring problems.  He didn't take his eyes off of us the entire time.

And the moment you have all been waiting for!  ANIMAL BUTT!

Don't be shy little guy.  Playing coy.

Ooo! Oooo! This park is rad. LOOK at it! It is every nerd kid's dream.  A real castle and drawbridges and gah!! When I first started coming to Toronto in my early twenties Jess and I would drink play in this park and have a great time. One of my fondest memories.

Sarah and Garrett.  You can't miss her.  Look at her fiery mane.  Love her.

Back when the weather was our friend. Now it is survival of the fittest.

Nice Dave. I don't usually see that side of me. Looking good bitch!

Oh the symbolism...siiiighhhhhh.

Do you guys see the divot on the side of my white pasty leg there? It's because I sit with my leg tucked under me at the dinner table and the chair bites into my leg. I have been  sitting this way for years. Now it never goes away.   should be in a sideshow. No really I should, I would LOVE that. Dream come true.

I thanked Dave profusely for dinner on this night and he said, "I am a man, this is fire. It has only been engraved in my being since the beginning of time". True Dave, true.

Our plants ARE growing Dave, so shut up.  Everyday I have to hear about how they are NOT GROWING!! Sure you are a dude, dude?

Am I growing up?  No. Who needs it though right?  30 is the new 20! SPRING BREAK!

Enjoy life folks.  Even when it is trying to kill you like it here in Toronto today. I am NOT complaining. Winter will be here soon enough and it will stick around for a million years.

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