by - July 17, 2011

Dave and I went to a house party on Friday night for my friend Di's 29th birthday. It has taken me this long to recover.  Good god.

A few amazing photos to begin the night. Dave ignoring me, playing his freaking Death Smiles game while I try to get  his attention. This has been my life for the past week. Repeating everything I say because he is so sucked into his game. Good thing I understand these things, or I might have to throw stuff at him.

That's my toe.  Just in case you were wondering.

Oh look!  The monster has come around.

Oh my god we are so stupid.

Ready to go.  I haven't been to a house party in years.  I usually try to avoid them on account of most of them being super awkward, but knowing Di, it won't be boring at all.  It will be the opposite of boring, if you catch my drift.

I must have been hungry if I took a picture of a thai restaurant I have never even been to.

The birthday girl!  Look how happy I am to be celebrating her birthday with her!  I wasn't even drunk at this point.  Should have kept it that way.  Ugh.

Haha.  Nice.  Wake up my love, the party is just starting.  This is our gradual decline into old age.  We need to take a little nap before the real party starts.  

Love her hair.  It looks red in this photo but it is actually hot pink.  

Love these ladies.

So apparently you can download an app where you can vote for which songs you want to hear while you are at a party.  Everyone with an iPod signs in and it grabs their playlists, and then you can choose or vote for which song you want to hear next.  Pretty neat. iPod wars. Fun times. I bet everyone already knew about this, which makes me seem old. GAH!  I am turning into the old people I used to roll my eyes at when I was a teenager!

Someone toilet papered everything they could in the bathroom. Which meant that no one could wash their hands after taking a leak. That's living on the edge man.

Is it ten years ago?  What's your myspace?

This is where I get the drunkest I have been in a loooooong time.  I don't really drink that much anymore, well, not like this anyway. Too old man. The hangover lasts two days. This is what I have been dealing with this weekend. Recovering.Because after this shot, things got messy. Tequila really does.

Yeah, exactly.

Looking at this picture makes me want to throw up. Again.

See? Messy. Thank god I didn't make an idiot of myself. I only got sloppy after we left, on the walk home. I didn't feel that drunk at the party. But I wasn't. It was the three tequila shots that came one after the other right before we left that did me in. I even tried to hide from the boys who were handing them out, but I got roped back in. Ugh. Lesson learned. Dave, you are an angel.

Last picture before we peaced out.  Happy birthday Dianeeee!

Breaking Bad tonight. My anxiety over this is extreme!! For those who watch, enjoy!! For those who don't, you are missing out!!


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