This Day Has Been...

by - July 04, 2011

Only because I am sleepy.  Not for any other reason.  I really can't complain when it is sunny and hot and gorgeous out there, but yes, I am suffering from a bit of sleep deprivation from this weekend's events.

Speaking of this weekend...Dave and I found a deceased dragonfly on our deck on Sunday evening.  Which was weird because we were JUST asking each other 'what if' questions.  Like, what would you do if I kicked you in the nuts right now?  What would you do if I threw you off this deck?  What would you do if a huge dragonfly landed on your shoulder right now?

And lo and behold.  I didn't even know Toronto had these beautiful monsters. So we did what anyone would do: we picked it up, placed it in the best position possible, and took pictures of it.

Look at how gorgeous it's wings are.

It's like they used this guy to invent the helicopter.  Did I make that up or is it actually true?


And then we ate. Well, this is what I ate. Dave had a giant steak, but I wasn't hungry, so I went with cottage cheese and tomatoes, and some summer sausage. Eating the cottage cheese reminded me of bug guts. It was still good though.

Desert was fruit and lemon yogurt with a drizzle of honey.  Who died and went to heaven?  This girl.

Fast forward to Monday morning (today). On my way to work. Trying to make the best of life while sleepwalking. I was born in the wrong era.  I should have been born so that I was a teenager in the 70s. Maybe that wouldn't have been too good though, you know, because of all the acid. I did too much of that stuff as a teenager anyway. Don't do drugs kids, you'll end up like me.  

Dave snuck up on me and took a picture later in the afternoon.  I think he heard me whining to myself and grumbling to the air. Holy bags under my eyes Batman. I was pouty and needed a coffee.  Plus, I had to listen to this woman at work talk with mucus stuck in her throat all day. I feel bad for her because it's obviously a problem, but she is not that nice anyway. So I call her Bucus. That is beast + mucus when they marry.

Someone is an angel and beamed me down a coffee. Thank goodness because sleeping death was at my doorstep.

And then there was this.  Spotted it at the grocery store when we went to go pick up a few things after work.  Now, ok....ok.....I am good with people eating octopus.  To each their own.  But why did they have to write 'CHUNKS of Octopus'? That is just...

But lordy, this more than makes up for it. Tired cranky Kato and S'mores? You just cured my life.

Well, we don't have a campfire. Screw you. I don't need your shit campfire.

Aren't we innovative?

My only concern is to roast these marshmallows.

Oh yeah.  Yup.  Delicious.

Look at the concentration.

I have gone to a happy place.

Hey did you guys ever make ghost gum?  When you smush a marshmallow between your fingers until it becomes gooey and looks like a piece of gum?

And then I tell you guys a story.  A bedtime story for myself if you will.  One where your entire good opinion of me (if you have one) goes down the drain because I sound like an asshole.  First of all, I sound like I am a 3-year-old telling the story, but I assure you that is not how I usually sound. That is me being tired and unable to put two thoughts together. Secondly, I sound like a megabitch. I am not: again, just sleepy. Third, THE STORY MAKES NO SENSE. Well, it does until the end. My final statement makes no sense at all. Whatever, you get the picture. I AM A JERK OFF WHO NEEDS SOME SLEEP.

And with that final vision in your head, I bid you all goodnight!

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