Weekend Crazies: Part 1

by - July 29, 2011

I wanted my nails to look like a watermelon.  Did I succeed?  Well whatever, they still made me happy.

As do these lovely Canadian flag colored flowers.

So remember a couple of posts ago when I said I was going to trick my sister into eating some of those gross jelly beans?  Yeah she fell for it. Hook, line and sinker! Dave was amazing, he was a champ at pretending that they were delicious.


Not impressed.

And then she passed the tradition on. Last night she found some and made her friends eat them.  Sigh.  I love life sometimes.

The next day we had to go to the mall. On a Saturday. Have I ever told you how much I despise malls every day of the week, but Saturday the MOST? Busy busy, people walk too slow, screaming kids, spend too much money.

But I really needed an outfit for the screening of the movie that Dave composed the score for. We were told we had to dress up.  There would be press, and pictures and la-di-da.

What a gorgeous day it was.  Hot though.  Hankering a teeny tiny bit for Fall these days.

So this is what I bought. It's very J-Lo no?  Maybe Aladdin? I am hoping for Aladdin because I like him better than J-Lo. With a nice sweater and a pair of heels and some cute hair?  Oh yeah!

RIGHT after the mall we rushed home and cooked a giant dinner and then barely took the time to taste it as we had to make the drive-in. We were going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.  Fin.  he end. The build up to the end of this movie was killing me.  I don't want it to be over.  

We had just had a storm. And it did nothing to take away the humidity.  Nice night to sit in your car and watch a movie with the windows rolled down right??  I am sweating thinking about it.

The Promised land!

Pretty sky behind us.

I wore my pjs.  It would be killer to wear actual clothing when it is that hot and you are sitting in a car all night with no air conditioning. LOOK AT THE STUPID TAN I HAVE ON MY FEET.  I never get a sexy tan.  Just a stupid one.

Did I poop into some Tupperware?  No, we made brownies on a time budget. So they fell apart when I threw them in here, but they still tasted just as good! We hoovered these into oblivion.

Oh and what is this by my foot?  Could that be some food paraphernalia? There were signs everywhere advising us that no outside food or food paraphernalia (???????) would be allowed into the drive-in.  Like they check, come on.  It was all 15-year-old kids running the show there that night anyway. I think we should be more concerned about their paraphernalia.

So frigging good.  I promised myself that I wouldn't eat the entire thing. That lasted for about 3 minutes. Anyone else get bloated when they eat a lot of popcorn? Yeah....me neither....

Hoovered.  I wasn't lying.

And that concludes this episode of the Weekend Crazies: Part 1.  Tune in tomorrow (or something like that.  Best friend is visiting tonight, going to be a shit show), same bat time, same bat channel.

Happy Friday everyone!

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