Everyday is An Adventure in Kato Land: 2

by - August 19, 2011

To read part one, go here.

It was wonderful to wander around this place while it was pouring rain outside. People work and study here and there was a nice feeling of happy busyness. Someone was practicing piano elsewhere in the building and you could hear it throughout. Such a lovely place.

I used the castle-like facilities too. Thankfully the toilets were not medieval, they were the modern kind.  The door into the washroom on the other hand, was heavy wood with iron embellishments all over it.  Very cool. The castle-y windows were flung wide open too, so everyone outside got to listen to my business. Sweet.

There were huge red flower on this tree. I thought they were fake at first, they were almost too pretty.

Continuing with our walking. We walked for SIX HOURS, almost straight. My hips hurt when I got into bed later that night. But it's alright, the hurt of exercise is always welcome. Uhhhhh.....sure.

Had a picture taken with the MADD crew here back in May, for the Toronto Marathon walk that Dave and I took part in.

He just takes it when I do this to him all day long. Look at him, he has gone to his happy place.

Waiting out another rain storm.

Look at that Macedonian profile! That was a nice way of saying I have a huge honker. It's cool. When I am old and I look like a witch it will suit me just fine. I plan on being the cantankerous scary old woman on the block. Kids will whisper about me and I won't give them their balls back when they throw them over my fence. In fact, I will squish their balls. What's a good witch-y name for me?  'Say Goodbye to Your Balls' Kato. You guys know I am talking about tennis balls and soccer balls, right?

I like it!  Bixi Toronto bike sharing.  This city freaking rocks.  

The Royal Ontario Museum.  Interesting building no?

Yellow bike!  The third in the series!

Oh man I was starving at this point. All I wanted was a fat hamburger and french fries.  And a beer.

Hey all you dudes out there, I finally bought the Justin Bieber nail polish I wanted by O.P.I. This is all thanks to Ms. Raymi and her fabulous freaking nails over at Raymi the Minx. I must give credit where credit is due. She wore the baby blue color (called 'Baby'....*eye roll*) over on her blog and I fell in love with it.  Apparently Shoppers Drug Mart can't sell the actual O.P.I. collection in their stores?  So they have to sell it under the guise of 'Nicole'.  Whatever.  Seems weird.  His face was on the bottle so I knew it was legit.  Funny story about this: I was telling my friend that I asked Dave to go and buy the nail polish for me, but in order to avoid embarrassment just say that it was for his 12-year-old daughter.  My friend was like, "And then he did and handed it over to you...his 12-year-old girlfriend".  Fuck you! Ha!  I didn't actually force him to buy it for me.

Oh yeah, I also bought the ghetto version of crackle. I'll let you know how this one goes.

Not very impressed by my brick burger. EASY ON THE GRILLING TIME BUDDY!

On our travels home we passed my old work place, St. Anthony's elementary school. I worked in the behavioral classroom here as an EA. So essentially I did everything, because that's what Educational Assistant's do. The teacher's don't want to handle the kids because of their 'issues', so that is where I came in. I loved those kids though man. I was behavioral when I was younger, so I understood them. I didn't quit this job because of the kids, believe me. I quit because of the adults. The teachers, in case you didn't catch my drift.

Look there's me! Something ate everyone else's face. The little kid on the right was my first project when I started the job. VERY behavioral, to the point where I didn't know what to do with him. But we learned together. I cried when I walked away from that place, specifically because of him.

I didn't even have to yell at those kids. I would just give them 'the look'. They backed down right away. They also thought I was super cool and they all loved me. I broke them down when I played hacky sack with them in the park once.

I used to exercise on these stairs.  They are brutal.


West Toronto Railpath..  A must see if visiting Toronto!

There was a storm a-brewing.


Even better.

Towards work.

Towards home.

Let's try to beat this storm (we did).

Try to have a mini adventure this weekend everyone!  That is what life is all about!

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