Everyday is An Adventure in Kato Land

by - August 19, 2011

This past Monday, I had an appointment at the hospital for my 4 times a year check up with my hematologist.  No biggie, just a standard check in.  I have a wonky blood disease thing going on (have had it since birth, hereditary shit, THANKS DAD, brother has it too), and I just have to make sure all my levels are, well...level.

I had to go to work for a few hours before hand, and then rush off downtown to make sure that all was well in this here bod.  Of course, Dave being the sweet gentleman that he is, came with me to my appointment, even though he really doesn't like hospitals.  

Walking to work that morning, it was beautiful.

Looking back at this picture later that day, Dave said I was grumpy here. I responded with "I WAS NOT GRUMPY!", and then I punched him in the face. Just kidding.

Oh hey! Who's this boy you are taking a picture of?? Why....it's ME! Sometimes if I don't do my hair right, I look like someone who yodels and wears lederhosen.  

Yeah like this guy.


Or him.  Which is fine with me.  OMG guyz, I have the same haircut as He-man.  "By the power of Greyskull!". 


 There's those pink camouflage nails again!

At the hospital, waiting to do my blood tests. This day was fantastic because usually I am there for 4-5 hours doing tests and whatnot, but on this particular day, it was barely an hour!  Fantastic!

Sweet guy...he always comes with me. I would be incredibly bored without him.

This wall in the waiting area is neat.  It is a wall made of ceramic tiles that depict different medicinal herbs. I like. Must have taken forever to create.

Haha!  Blood tests are done!  I have to warn the nurses every time that my veins are a) non-existent, and b) covered in scar tissue (which makes me look a bit like a heroin addict). Therefore, neither option is good, but some like one better than the other.  The nurse who worked on me that day was a PRO. She picked scar tissue veins.

Dave trying to teach me about the macro setting on my camera. Yeah thanks Dave, I had NOOOOO idea. Sigh.

And now on to the better part of the day.  The part where we got out of there early and decided to go on an adventure!  We booked it in the opposite direction to see where life would take us.  Pretty...kind of sums up our life together nicely, that line does.

Hogwarts Hart House at the University of Toronto. We had never been there before. So we decided to wander around inside for a while.

Honestly!!! Did we stumble into a Harry Potter vortex? Because this room reminded me A LOT of Hogwarts. So awesome!

This is me, doing magic.  I am a good magic doer.

And then I decided to do some ballet? That's a pretty rad plie I am pulling off.

See? Hogwarts!  We spied some winding stairs off to the side that led up to Dumbledore's office! For some reason I was talking about sherbert lemon sweets and these stairs appeared.  Weird!

Note the hair.  Refer back to fig. 1 above.

In the winding stairs stairwell.


Every single door in this place was awesome. So mysterious and castle-like. You never knew where they would lead.

Like this one that led down a winding staircase. Into what sounded like a basketball court.

Haha!  Fally.

And then there were bricked up doorways.  I am sure this one led to torturous dungeons at one point in time. Why ELSE would it be bricked up? It's to try and forget the horrors that took place there, many years ago.  Right??

You guys have NO IDEA how many pictures I have of Dave standing behind an alter of some sort, doing this. Sigh.

Purple for royalty.  I like the colors in this room.

It started raining while we were exploring, which only added to the castle vortex feel even more.

Part deux coming up!

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