I See A Boring Blog Post

by - August 25, 2011

That's supposed to be like, "I see dead people", from the Sixth Sense. Ugh. I am not funny. I know.

It's been a SLOOOOOW week in bloggieville. Sorry about that. Insert whatever you think may be wrong with me here........and sure, that's what it is.

I have been a tired sack of shit. That is what's really wrong. My own fault. Very much so.  I am a child who doesn't want to go to bed, who needs one more drink of water, who REALLY has to pee this time.  So yeah....tired sack.

Which is going to get me in big shit at work, because I am late EVERYDAY.  Not like, 5 minutes late.  More like half an hour to an hour late.  I was improving for a while there because a few weeks ago I got in serious shit for the same problem.  Now, I am back to being a delinquent.  Sigh....some people aren't cut out for desk jobs you know?  I may be late everyday, but I stay for my 8 hours and I am exceptional at my job...so cut me some fucking slack.  Frigging suits.

Anyway, this is me making love to my tea.  I hate the term 'making love'.  It's so gross and perverted.

My mouth in this picture reminds me of when I was 11 and I got braces.  You know that weird, there-is-something-too-big-in-my-mouth-and-its-making-my-upper-lip-stick-out look. Oh my god. That sentence is dirty. Anyway, I had crazy brace face for a while at first.  Think Katy Perry in that Last Friday Night video.  

For like, FOUR HOURS today I was sweating like a fucking pig at my desk, falling asleep, feeling woozy.  I kept asking myself why I was so freaking hot, wondering if I had a fever. I finally thought to get up and check the thermostat and someone had turned it up to NINETY DEGREES. Who the?What the? WHY THE? It is August? Not sure I understand. And of course when I questioned the people who work down there about it, NO ONE KNEW WHO DID IT. Of course. It's the same mysterious creature who forgets to replace the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, who throws paper towels on the floor, and who leaves every single light on, We will name him LIAR. 

I am dirty garbage chic right now. Too effing lazy to remove my chipped nail polish. I really am Kato circa 1991.  

My sister bought me a Fossil clutch. Can't wait for the Fall so I can bust this thing out.


So alright.  Some randomness thrown into the post. Our bedroom is COLD people. And I don't mean brrr. I mean uninviting. Not comfortable. Something needs to be done about this ASAP.  

I have decided that this space here needs to be turned into a walk-in closet for yours truly. This is the best idea I have ever had.

Oh shit! Look who it is in the monkey pajamas! You know I want a walk in closet to store all my pjs right?. Ha! Just kidding.

Not many places to put our furniture, as the walls are all slanty. This bed frame HAS to go. It's way too bulky for this room. We need to go back to basics and buy something that places our bed as close to the floor as possible, as we have figured out that we don't like grown up high up beds. I think Ikea is the way to go.

The garbage corner, AKA Dave's corner. Where dead and dying stuff accumulates and never leaves. WHY? WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS BOYS?

My grandfather's dresser, most likely dated from the 1800s.  It's crazy falling apart on the inside. I have had it for 20 years. Getting my clothes into and out of it is a huge feat. This also needs to be replaced. If my mom is feeling sentimental she can take it back and it can continue to rot in her house. 

AHH! And then the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!! Litter boxes in the bedroom.   mean, they are necessary when you have cats, but I wish they were more self sufficient then just shitting on some rocks in a box. At least the room is quite big and they are pushed in a corner. We scoop them almost everyday, because who wants to smell cat poop when you are sleeping? We need to come up with a solution here as well, where you can't see them. Put up a room divider or something. Something pretty and flowery.

Look...I made the picture pink so that you wouldn't be too grossed out.  I am a saint.

Oh right.  I had a point to this post, somewhere. So yesterday I took the day off work because I wasn't feeling well, and from the time I woke up to around 2AM the next morning, Toronto was under a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. We had the weather network on all day following the storm and making sure that we weren't going to be hit with some craziness.We ended up with just a big storm and a scary light show.

I am pretty terrified of lightening, so I was definitely facing a fear by doing this.  I was clutching the camera in my hands in a death grip, thinking the entire time that I was going to be struck at any moment. You can see towards the end of the video a particularly violent fork of lightening zigzag across the sky, and I quickly pull away from the window. Haha! Such a baby.

The shittier version of the video above.

Coolness.  I hope you all enjoyed this shiteous post.

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