Late, LATE Date

by - August 28, 2011

Dave has spent the entire weekend at the FanExpo (seriously nerds, check it out if you haven't before. P.S-check out the horror schedule for Sunday, Android Re-Enactment is playing!), so I have had to entertain myself. Which is never a problem. Here is the thing: I NEVER GET BORED.  Ever. Books, video games, movies...

But yesterday? OMG I was effing bored!! I think it was just my mood, because everything Dave suggested I do to keep myself occupied, I responded with a pouty-lipped "Hmph.  No!". I am kidding, sort of.  I have flipped from the kind of girl who couldn't wait for the weekend to come so I could sit in my pjs all weekend and do NOTHING. I can't be that way anymore. I need to make use of every single second of my weekends, and go on adventures.

So when he got home last night at one o'clock in the morning, I was like, "Want to go get some coffee and go for a walk?".  Poor guy, he said yes.  Most likely because he knew I was bored and didn't want to disappoint me, but he was TIRED. And he hid it well from me until later. Seriously, that guy, and my love for him.

So I got dressed to go on a date.  At 1AM.

We live in a crackhead neighbourhood.  I asked Dave if this was 'too much' for this hood, at this time of night. He said, "Uh no. You know where we live right?".  True. Just don't want to steal any work from the real ladies of the night. Kidding! The ladies who hang out on our corner are pros.

You know when something seems like a good idea when you first say it out loud, but then you are about to leave to act on the idea and you are thinking "Why am I doing this?"...yeah, last night was kind of like that.

Where the hell are we going to go at this time in the morning?  In this neighbourhood?

We went to a park.  Safe bet right?  Ha! Thankfully, no hooligans were prowling around.  Except for us. I didn't get coffee, I got a chamomile tea. I know, big news.

I have a Hawaiien donut in my mouth here. BAD FUCKING IDEA. It made me feel super sick.  I am officially old. I cannot eat sweets after 8PM, can't drink coffee past noon, can't drink water right before bed. God help me.

It most likely wasn't helping my sick belly that I was spastically jumping around on this thing. The spring loaded shaking was jarring me and making me feel ill, YET I KEPT DOING IT. Mom, I haven't changed from the five-year-old me.

Contemplating jumping down. Wondering what the odds were of my stomach contents exiting my mouth violently as soon as I hit the ground.

They didn't.  Picture would have been funnier if they had. Or, grosser.  

And then I thought it would be a good idea to get on a swing? No. The ten seconds I spent getting some air, and then the 20 seconds I spent frantically trying to stop, put me over the edge.

Dave, hanging out on the bench. Trying not to fall asleep most likely.

Kiddie pool! When I used to spend the summer at my Baba's house on the East end when I was little, I would swim in one of these EVERY DAY. Memories I hold dear.    

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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