Photo Dumpage: July Edition

by - August 16, 2011

I needed to dump my pictures off my phone, so here you all are!  The July edition of shitty pictures from my iPhone!

The day I got my hair was a wonderful day of swimming and wine and sunburns.  And I love my hair.  AND my high-wasted jeans DAVE. They DO NOT give me mom butt!

This tree is called a burning bush, or something like that.  All I heard was 'bush' (giggle) because I am a child like that.

Oh yeah, these things. Ants.  Right. Seems like every week, after garbage day, these guys show up and lap up all the spilled garbage liquid. Oh my god that is disgusting when you write it down like that. Anyway, there are hundreds of them!! All teeming and working...I fell in love with ants after watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids. When they adopt an ant and call him Anty. And then he dies for them. Sigh.

Let me give you guys some context, size-wise, here!  Also, Dave likes to pet ants, did you know that?  He is weird.

I screwed up my foot. Don't listen to someone if they tell you that working out in your bare feet is the best way to do it. I was trying to be all hippie and shit, you know, paying attention to the 'natural shock absorbers' in my feet, being one with the earth and all. Yeah, that doesn't happen. Instead what does happen is you wake up one morning with a fat sore foot, feeling sheepish for thinking you could possibly work out in your bare feet and remain injury free.  In retrospect, there is nothing natural about a jumping jack. Glad to be of service here. Use my stupidity to avoid your own.

It was ok after a week or so.  I wear shoes now.

Out one night with my sister best friend, we spotted this thing.  I think it's a bike/ music/ something or other. Creative is what it is.  I love that it was just parked outside of the person's house. How happy would you be every day riding to work in that thing?

My right arm. And leg. Love this girl. Without her I couldn't function properly in life.

It twas a rainy evening, this twas. I was just starting to battle my month long sinus/ chest infection/ cold, so I felt pretty yucky.  I just wanted to be in my pjs, watching Harry Potter. So that is what we did.

The rain un-straightened my hair.

Freaking cat.

Mmmm.  Pork and beef tortiere.  I just call it the yummiest thing I have ever consumed.

Dave reading the directions on the phyllo (filo) dough box for me.  My baba rolled over in her grave over that one. What Macedonian needs to read directions on how to use phyllo dough? I ended up not really needing it in the end. All you really need is a lot of freaking butter and you are good to go.

I wrapped it around half a small wheel of brie. So. Effing. Good.

See?  Buttered up.

Let it cool first. Don't just rip into like we did, because we are vultures.  It's great on crackers, or just on it's own.

Yeah, alright.

Look! It's the pink bike!! I also have a picture of a yellow one too!  Colorful Bike Watch  Toronto has turned up pink, gold, and yellow so far.  All in different spots in the city.  Wonder what these are for?

Whoa there.  Tone it down would you?

Hope you are all having a happy Tuesday!

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