Real Time

by - August 14, 2011

Been feeling out of sorts lately. No biggie, just a bit run down...indecisive. I am only indecisive when I can't think properly because I am not getting enough sleep. This needs to be rectified.

Dave and I decided to have a low key Saturday. We could have said yes to plans from a few different friends, but I wasn't having it. So really, I decided to have a low key Saturday (sorry Dave!).

Low key means going shopping. IN A MALL. You all must know about my undying hatred of malls by now. Why do I do this to myself?  Yeah my face about sums it up.

It helped that it was such a gorgeous day.  These types of days are numbered around here you know. I can already sense Autumn and it is only August.

So bright.

Of course, we went to our favourite place on this earth, Cool Hand of a Girl.  Thanks for letting us barge in half an hour before closing and making us some delicious food.  I love them there. Everyone needs to check this place out.  West end, in the Junction.  Tell them Katherine sent you.  Actually...don't. They don't know my name.

Sigh. I hold the sight of these blue skies dear. I will have to try and conjure up this image (or I could just, you know, look at it) two months from now when the skies are always grey.

Look at how much I love him.  It's gross isn't it?

We decided to walk home from the mall.  I was all kinds of indecisive in there too.  I hate being this way. But I DID decide on a great handbag and wallet. And wine. The taste tester guy was wearing converse so that sealed the deal for me. No need to tell me about the are wearing converse. I trust you. Anyone else like that, or is it just me?

Such an inviting field.  And it was all locked up tight, which means there wasn't an ounce of dog poop on the grass. Perfect for rolling around in. The grass, not the poop. Such a shame we couldn't get in.  Look at the CN Tower though right?  It's a thing of beauty.  You can see it from all over on a clear day. Even by my parents house which is an hour North of Toronto.

Honestly!! Good choice on the colour scheme! Blue fence with yellow sunflowers?  I want to kiss these people!

I included this blurry picture because I wanted you all to see how my jeans hang off me these days. My hard work is paying off. I shouldn't be buying expensive bags, I should be buying myself new clothes as the ones I have all fall off me. I look frumpy. Not that I am complaining too much!

Gold bike! This won't really make sense until I post the picture I have of the pink bike. I hope you aren't expecting anything spectacular now, it's just a pink bike.

Nice night for a walk.  

Toronto really is a beautiful place to be.

So quiet and peaceful. Well, down there anyway. Where we were was a super busy street. But down there the crickets were so loud and it looked so inviting...I told Dave I wanted to sleep there. I don't really, on account of rapist murderers, but it was a nice sentiment.

The candy factory!  Sometimes when the wind is blowing right, the entire world smells like chocolate in this area. I knew a gentleman named Yanosh who used to come into Second Cup all the time when I worked there, and he was honestly a walking talking Willy Wonka. And guess where he worked? The candy factory! I gave him his coffee fix for free and he gave me my candy fix for free. It was a great little deal we had going there.

Cool face Dave.  We are looking after my friend's cat for a week, so before we headed home we stopped in to feed him and love him. We are watching shit on their Netflix, and we are currently watching a documentary on the complete history of the horror film. It's really good.  Lots of movies from my childhood are included in it. I learned that most little kids who watch a lot of old Disney movies usually evolve into watching horror films because old Disney movies are all fucked up and scary. This gal was a Disney gal.  So that's where my mental comes from. Hmmm.

I love their place.

Creepy.  It was starting to get dark. Too lazy to get up and turn on a light. We walked for hours today.

The wine we bought. Nice label. Nice name. I wonder how many dudes buy this wine? The guy said that the name and label turn a lot of people off, but that it's really good wine. I have had a glass already and I can say that yes, it is good wine. The label is quite interesting though...Pretty Woman wine. 

I like my asshole lips in this one.

Honestly.  Look at that sweet wallet. Please note that I am smiling with my eyes. Tyra Banks would call this 'smizing' and we all know how much of a genius she is.

Happiness. Danier leather baby. My taste is changing into a much more UN-AFFORDABLE one when it comes to handbags.This bag has a warranty on it. Please kill me now before I kill myself with crushing debt. Also, I am pretty sure this is an unacceptable face in fashion.

The loot. That card on my beautiful new bag is Dave's PSN card. Thanks for following me around all day while I purse shopped Dave. You earned that one.

Oh and then I spied a cupcake.  And my eyes got all anime big.

Food porn. Spiced cupcakes with homemade cinnamon and vanilla butter cream frosting. Gaaaaaaa....

All gone mom. I took my medicine like a good girl. I want to erase that line it sounds so perverted.

And we also bought Kernals popcorn. I am salivating thinking about it.

I wish my life was like this everyday. Surrounded by fluffy popcorn. And my stupid face.

Well folks, time to go enjoy some of that wine and eat a lot of that popcorn. I may even carry my new handbag around just for fun. It's ok that I am in my pajamas right?  

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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