Weekend Crazies: Part 2

by - August 02, 2011

So I left off at the drive-in. A long time ago. I haven't posted anything in a while because I have been super sick, and my best friend visited. So instead of a shit show, it was a snot show. Which is a few steps under a shit show, but still a little too much for a sick person to handle. I held in there though.

The morning after the drive-in, we got up early to drive to Brampton to visit Krista's best friend.  Who has a lovely back yard oasis with a pool.  It was a beautiful day, and perfect for swimming.

In Brampton. This is where my best friend and I would hang out, get into trouble if you will, when we were just 11-years-old. Brought back a ton of memories being in this area.

The intersection where everything always went down.  I realize this makes us sound like prostitutes....we weren't, we were 11.  Pervs.

One time we sat on a tombstone in this little graveyard and lit a cigarette to share. I was paranoid that my parents were going to drive by and see us and I would get into trouble, but Ciara convinced me that it wouldn't happen...what were the odds? And then they did. Just as I took a giant drag. They waved, and I waved back with the hand holding the cigarette. Kids are real smooth.

Oh man these underground bridges. Always smelled like beer and piss. Why did we hang out here at night? Stupidest kids ever.

This McDonald's has been here for as long as I have been on the planet. I used to spend many an evening here with Ciara, checking out the scenery if you know what I mean.

Loafers Lake community pool.  Many a synchronized swim was thought up between the two of us to try and impress the 16-year-old lifeguard boys. Could you imagine? Remember back to when you were 16, and picture two 11-year-olds trying to get your attention with stupid lopsided handstands in the water. Man.

And we have arrived.

We swam for FIVE HOURS straight. I was sore the next day. I have never been sore from swimming before.  

I kept reapplying every half hour.  I am little paranoid about skin cancer and such.

Woohoo!  Nary a burn was had (by me). My diligence paid off. Still white as a ghost, but better then a lobster right?


The best part, Dave's movie screening, is coming right up!  It was a blast!

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