Weekend Crazies: Part 3

by - August 06, 2011

The moment you  have all been waiting for!!  Well, maybe not.  But I have been waiting a long time to post it, so there's that.

Seriously though, I am so glad I finally get to talk about this in detail, because it has been an amazing road for so many people.

Back in 2005, Dave was a recent graduate of the Toronto Film School, and he just so happened to meet a director named Darryl Shaw.  Darryl was looking for a guy to do location sound for a short film of his.  Dave ended up being that guy, and their relationship grew from there.  

Skip to 2008:  Darryl had written a masterpiece called Android Re-Enactment. Having been friends for a few years at this point, Darryl knew how talented Dave was in scoring films, and he asked him to score Android Re-Enactment.  Darryl rounded up an amazing cast and crew (he directed the movie as well as wrote it), and they all took off for four months to film an awesome movie.

And here we are now.  The private screening for cast, crew, family and friends was mind-blowing.  Everyone involved in this film just loved it, and their enthusiasm for it rubbed off on EVERYONE lucky enough to be a part of it all on July 25th, 2011.

Krista and I outside the theatre downtown.  I was a big ball of nerves at this point. I was nervous for Dave because this had been three years in the making. Everyone worked their asses off to get this film out there.  This was the first time that everyone (besides a few people) would be hearing Dave's music.

Poor guy.  I know how he was feeling and this picture brings me back to that moment!

Pure awesomeness. The main actor in the film wears a lab coat a lot of the time, so they had people in lab coats wandering around asking if you had taken your medicine yet. A nice touch, and fun. Totally helped draw people in more.

Oh look! John joined us, so you know the after party was a pure shit show.

Did I mention that I hadn't watched the movie yet?  I had seen bits and pieces when Dave needed an opinion on a piece he was working on, but I wanted to wait and watch it in it's entirety, when it was all finally pulled together.

IT WAS FANTASTIC. The writing, directing, the actors, the music...I was literally BLOWN AWAY. I am not sure what my expectations were going into it, but it far surpassed anything I may have thought about how good it was. Wow. I have heard a quote again and again surrounding this movie: the little movie that could. It could, it did, and it WILL. Amazing.

Intermission. There was press waiting to hear everyone's thoughts regarding the movie, I chickened out at the last second. Regret it. Took pictures in the bathroom instead.

After intermission there was a Q & A with the cast and crew.  Dave was pretty nervous when he walked down that aisle.  He didn't need to tell me this, I could feel it from where I was sitting. I was nervous for him.

That's Dave on the end.

Sorry for the crappy quality of the video. Dave was asked about the process he went through composing the score.

Cast and crew press pictures.

The talented writer/ director on the left, Darryl Shaw.

Good lord.  Lots of people taking pictures! P.S- Dave's brother Steve designed and drew the God in the Grass Productions logo you see behind us. 

Merch.  Still need to buy a shirt.  Hey Darryl, make girly shirts!

After party at the Bovine Sex Club. Relax, it's just a name. We aren't rich yet. 

We had to work the next day by the way. Didn't get home until 3:30AM and we were up by 8:30AM. Maybe this is why I got really sick for a week afterwards?

Seriously this place.

Di you look beautiful.

It really was a shit show. Too much to drink, and fun was had by all. Everyone there loved the movie and everyone was in a great mood. The director thanked me (!!!!!) for everything. I was like, for coming? No problem! He said, "No, for supporting and being behind Dave through all this". Something along the lines of behind every great man...well hey....no problem. Excuse me while I go blush furiously in a corner.

And now let's get to the best part of this damn post: the trailer for Android Re-Enactment.  Like it on YouTube!  

Listen to Dave's demo reel with samples from the movie!  The song Golden Spiral is super catchy (Dave is singing on it!)  Click on the MajorSecondMusic link to hear more. He has another song on there that he did for a show that yours truly may or may not be featured in (I am embarrassed already).

Thanks to everyone who let me be a part of this, no matter how tiny my role was. Doors are being opened and great things are coming because of this movie.  Stay tuned for a release date!

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