Fun DIY For All My Crap

by - September 19, 2011

It's no secret that I am turning into a girl. Now, don't get me wrong...I will never be full on girly girl. Not that there is anything wrong with it, just, you know, I need to hold on to some of the swearing, burping, farting, video game playing chick that I am too.

So I am always looking for cool ideas to store all my crap. And although my collection is still small, it is growing...quickly.

I have a bunch of necklaces hanging on the edge of a door, and every time I move (or even look at) the door they fall or get in my way or become an even bigger tangled mess.

And then it all looks like this.

Now, I did buy one of these for all my nail polish needs, and I did transfer my necklaces and rings here, but they don't belong locked away somewhere, entangling themselves together even more. I swear they come alive when you aren't looking.

See? It's still pretty roomy in there. Just means I need to buy more nail polish...

I need organization.

I joined Pinterest. God help me, this site kills me with the amazing things that people create/ dream, eat, etc. Sigh. My handle is Kato Kaka, if anyone feels like adding me (Samantha!).

So THESE are what I need. Who wants to make them for me??Seems kind of simple. If I don't get any takers, then I will have to make them myself. Project!

I love both of these and I couldn't choose just one. Which one would you want/ make for yourself, assuming you are into such things?


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