Getting Souzed

by - September 16, 2011

Last night Dave and I went out with our friends Di and James. Love them HARD. Sounds perverted. It is.  

We started out at our local hole in the wall, hanging out on the patio, but Di knew that if she got a few drinks in me that she could drag my ass elsewhere. Which is what ended up happening. We hopped in a cab and she took us to one of her many amazing discoveries, Souz Dal.

This place is super dark, all candlelit and inviting. I can imagine walking by on a blistery winter night and wanting to nip in for something to warm your bones.  In other words, awesome.

Di was like, whoa scary face!  And of course I had to post it.  That's not a scary face, that's my real face. I walk around looking psycho surprised at all times.  And Dave looks timid and hunched over, like I am about to hurt him. Again.

There you go. Dave looks no different.

Seriously, love these two like family.  

Inside of the bar.  Dark and lovely.  The bartendress was amazing and sweet. She also almost spilled Glenlivet on me, which made me like her more. Because that's something I would do. One time I worked in a restaurant and spilled an entire large coke on a guy's lap. I was so apologetic and instantly dropped to me knees to clean things up that he found me endearing. He even left me a big tip. SOME people in this world are pretty cool.

Di ordered me a martini based on the fact that the name of it sounds the same as a map in Call of Duty. THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER.

Oh my god. There was a fortune cookie in my drink. It's these kinds of things that make me love life.  

We went out on the patio so Di could breath in some fresh air (hmmmm) and I loved it.  It's like a little mini haven out there. It was FREEZING last night. Like, close to 0 degrees Celsius. Really close. Until your body gets used to it there is a lot of shivering and chattering of teeth and solidarity with strangers who smile and give you understanding looks.  I don't even remember when it went from hot to cold.  It just happened overnight.  There was no easing into it, and now the cold feels normal. Sigh. I know winter is coming because I turn into a ravenous bear who needs to eat everything in sight.  As soon as I take the last bite of a meal my belly is rumbling for the next.  Can't wait to hibernate.

Got home kind of late, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get up. I was really tired but I did it. We watched some t.v. when we got home before we went to bed and it was so cold in our apartment that I couldn't concentrate on what we were watching. I just wanted to crawl under the covers.

See?  Mittens. And a scarf. Currently my fingers are screaming at me because they are too cold to move limberly across the keys.

Trees are still green, but they are dull. So many of them have already starting turning.

Aww yeah. That's my taking a shit face. Just kidding. It would be weird to constantly smile while you took a poop.

With the cold weather comes the slippery elm.  Lozenges for a sore throat. They are nature's gentle lubricant after all. Pervy.  Do you think that 15 people sat around a boardroom thinking up a slogan and when one guy was like, "I've got it!  Nature's Gentle Lubricant!", everyone giggled behind their hands but no one said anything because they didn't want to seem immature?  I probably would have said something.

I like the dainty lace sleeves.

I was like, 'give me sexy Dave!'. Sigh...he is a natural.

Speeeaaaking of sexay....


After work I was like time for a hot chocolate. Fall Watch 2011 has revealed more evidence of leaves changing colour. Do you see them poking out there?

Ok, so maybe I wasn't fully awake when I got dressed this morning. Striped green shirt, flowery brown socks and plaid shoes??? Well....whatever it kind of works. In an eccentric crazy person kind of way. One time I was downtown and I was wearing crazy socks with my crazy flats and I heard someone say, "I LOVE your sock and shoe combination!" and when I looked up to say thank you I saw that it was a crazy eccentric hippie woman with wild hair wearing all the colours of the rainbow.

Goodbye sun. You were strong for months, and now it's time to rest.

So we went to a well known coffee shop for the hot chocolate. A place that rhymes with BARFUCKS. I took a picture of these neat thingies hanging on the wall and the girl behind the counter was like, " are not allowed to take pictures. BARFUCKS WILL SUE YOU." Ok,  first of all, I am an asshole teenager in my way of thinking, and you just told me NOT to do something. This means I am most likely going to go ahead and do it. She went on and on about policy and the website and blah blah crap blah, and I was like, "Cool. How corporate". And the guy next to her was trying to reason with her inane chatter, and she kept going on and on. Whatever.   

Haha!  Seriously.  How do my parents put up with me?

Oh but that salted caramel goodness is hard to stay mad at.  I got lactose free milk (lactose intolerance what what?!) and it still killed me. Like, in an intense way. What does this mean? I am being serious here...if anyone knows the answer to this please let me know. I saw him use lactose free milk, so that is not the answer lazy asses.

Fun times.  I have a busy weekend planned, a FUN busy weekend that I can't wait for. So stay tuned for that! We have to make the most of these snow free weekends while we can!

Have a great Friday night!

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