Mish Mash

by - September 03, 2011

It's late right now.  But I wanted to post my mish mash of crap, and start the weekend anew.  

It was a long week folks.  

Only made better by my purchasing of nail polish, and the inevitable painting of my nails.  This always makes me happy.

This picture is not the actual colour of this polish.  I wanted it to look electric green when really it's not that vibrant.  I love it. Even though it stained my nails.

This is a little truer to the actual colour.  What the fuck am I even talking about right now?  I am delirious.  Need to sleep.

My sister will be invading my home tomorrow and for the night, so you know what that means: a shit show.  Also, we are visiting John, so it's a guaranteed shit show.  We are supposed to go for a drink with an OLD school friend of mine, like before high school which was in the age of dinosaurs, but he hasn't contacted me yet.  Wha gwan Bill?  Still on for tomorrow?  It's cool if we aren't, I won't be mad.

Stormy day, pretty night.  The weather over the past few days has been mental.

My life is such that EVERY time we pass under one of these bridges, an obnoxiously loud motorcycle drives on through.  I would feel bad driving something that loud around, you know?  I mean, unless I had a small dick, then it would make me feel like I had a big one.

Evidence of FALL! IS! COMING! behind us.  I am telling you, it was hot, and then cold, now it's hot again, and it's supposed to get cold early next week. The trees and the bees don't know what to do. Pick a temperature asshole!

Although today, today did not feel like Fall. Today felt like the fiery depths of hellfire. Not that I am complaining TOO much, ALTHOUGH I AM COMPLAINING A LITTLE. I hate this in between weather, I really do. Wreaks havoc on my system. I am very in tune with the weather you know.  I am full of hippie bullshit. Bet you didn't know that about me.

Cool faces.

More evidence.  FALL! IS! COMING!

Re-did my nails the next day. I used O.P.I's crackle. It worked great.  Nice effect.  I also have Sally Hansen's crackle, but I don't think it works as well.  Will have to pay more attention next time instead of just slapping it on my nails and going on my merry way.

Pretty neat. Please disregard the nail polish that is all over my fingers and the sides of my nails. It will disappear overnight. It always does. Nail polish gremlins? Maybe.

Kato likes. I recommend O.P.I. It's a good one.

Shopper's Drug Mart and Wal-Mart can't legally sell O.P.I products (or some shit like that), but they CAN sell Nicole by O.P.I, which is the exact same thing. A bit cheaper too.

Get ready for this blast from the past. While I was doing my nails I was drinking a beer and watching My So-Called Life. Anyone remember that show? It starred Claire Danes as Angela Chase A.K.A ME.

Uhh....she's a bit hotter than I am.  Although I feel weird saying that because she was like, 13-years-old here or something. She got to make out with Jared Leto in the show, and she had to ask him to teach her how to kiss. Sigh.  

Oh man, see? That show captures the epitome of teenage wasteland awkwardness. Oh god, that was so me. I was a thinker. I was the girl who had a crush on a boy, and if he so much as glanced my way I couldn't WAIT to get home so I could lie there and THINK about exactly what that glance meant. While I listened to R.E.M of course. Gah! Believe me when I say I always had crushes, never boyfriends. Guys wanted a girl who put out, and they all knew that it was a waste of time trying with this girl.  

I didn't get laid in high school, I just got stoned all the time. One vice for another I guess. I wasn't known as the girl who put out, I was known as the girl who could out smoke everyone.

Look at that face. Pure innocence. HA!

Well, off to sleep folks. Tomorrow will consist of coffee, cleaning, work outs, more coffee, and good friends. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Keep yourselves safe!

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