Oh Hey, What's Up Again?

by - September 22, 2011

The interior of Downey's Farm.  It's a lot of country bumpkin type stuff, but oh so cute and when you see it you WANT IT. Even if you never thought you needed it before, you do. Believe me.

Ugh.  Cute, but sad.  My cat Sonic was hit by a car back in 1999. I went looking for him and found him in a ditch a few days before my birthday. He was MY cat...I looked after him, I paid his vet bills (there were many, he was a scrappy young man). I was absolutely devastated and it took forever to put behind me. For my birthday, my mom (sounds morbid, but it was sweet) bought me a little headstone for his grave. It was touching to me that she did that. A lot of people don't think animals are important enough to be devastated over, but she knew how I felt.

Ok on to happier things....JAM!! Lots of yummy jams and stuff in jars that looked delicious.

Candles. Can't eat these. Bummer. Did you guys know I have PICA?  Not as bad as I used to, and I never put anything disgusting in my mouth. Light bulbs still make me salivate though. So strange.

This is what we were after. All the scrumptious freshly made pies.  They have every kind you can think of, so it was hard to choose.  We eventually settled on a pumpkin pie, and two different kinds of wine. Perfect. And let me tell you guys: IT WAS SO GOOD. Great choice.

Halloween is right around the corner! I might actually hand out candy this year to the kiddies. Although really, I just want to carve a pumpkin. It's been years.

I would invite Frankenstein's monster into my house if he looked like this.

Yummy seasonal fruits and veggies too. You just can't go wrong in this place.

OH LORDY. They had a machine that spewed out fresh, piping hot pumpkin donuts. While still hot they tossed them in a bit of sugar. I am drooling right now...all over my keyboard. Food porn at it's finest.

We were seriously mesmerized. We were both waiting patiently for them to fall into the bowl.  And then we could move on.

Fall is almost here. Tomorrow, actually.

Look at that sky. Sigh.

We didn't end up going to the fair. We were both beat from only going on four or five hours of sleep.

My bag is full of crap. It starting to do some damage to my shoulder I think. It hurts all the time now. I love this purse, so that blows. Notice how emptying my purse a little is not an option.

Heading back to the home front. I love my freaking city. All 2.5 million insane peoples.

I want to buy a condo here one day. My dream when I was a kid was to never be married and live in a high rise condo. I am not making this shit up. I wanted to have a 'forever boyfriend' who would visit me every once in a while in my beautiful condo overlooking the water. Well, I got half of that at least. I have my forever boyfriend, but I have to see him everyday. It's ok, I happen to like him a little bit. Maybe we can still buy a condo overlooking the water and he can knock on the door everyday when he comes home from wherever so I think he is a visitor. Too weird? Maybe...

Love the weekends, love this city. Did I say that already?

This picture cracks me up every time I see it. Earlier in the day while having our family lunch my cousins were totally making fun of me for owning Justin Bieber nail polish. One of them asked if I had read that drugstores were kicking out young girls for wanting to take pictures beside his cardboard cutout because it was a madhouse of insanity and teen-aged hormones running rampant. I hadn't heard this, but lo and behold, later that day at Shopper's Drugmart....

What a babe. I mean me, of course. UGH, we are wearing the same pants.

Because the weather has been getting colder (although not this week, it has been freaking hot) I have been keeping socks tucked away in my purse for when I may need them. I tell you, I am the smartest person I know. Every time I notice my feet getting cold, I have a eureka moment and pull out my socks and look expectantly at Dave to congratulate me on my brilliant ideas.

We ended the evening with this: a piece of pumpkin pie, a scoop of ice cream and a pumpkin doughnut. Heaven. A perfect end to a pretty perfect day. 

Please excuse the utter crappiness of these pictures. I just wanted to eat it. All I could concentrate on was getting that shit into my mouth STAT. Yeah yeah, cue the 'I eat shit' jokes.  

I am excited for more Fall adventures. Happy first day of Autumn tomorrow!

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