Summer Doesn't End For Another 18 Days

by - September 05, 2011

You know, the ONE good thing about working for a bunch of suits is that you don't get sad about the end of Summer at this point. Because you never really had a Summer. At least not in the sense that you had 2 months to play and laze around...

Summer doesn't officially end until September 23 for me. And damn it, I am going to make use of these last 18 days if it kills me!

Saturday was crazy.  My sister showed up and whisked me off right away to go and look at apartments. Specifically one in particular that she had already seen before and wanted a second viewing.  The landlord (questionable) told her to just go and let herself in the building with the key that was in an unlocked black box by the door.  Cool.  

Except that there was no key to the apartment, which was locked. My sister called the guy and he told her to come back tomorrow. HA! No one tells my sister to come back tomorrow. Not if they want to keep their balls.

So what did she do? She slit the screen (just a little!) on the window and removed it. Where she then straddled the windowsill and gently let herself down into the apartment. OH MY GOD. Breaking and entering at it's finest.  

This is the tiny space she shimmied through. Believe me when I say that there was squishing of boobs involved. Not mine, thank god. She let me in the front door. What a little cat burglar.

View from the inside.  Let me just say that the place was gross, and the landlord was an asshole.  He had been giving her the run around every time she spoke to him, so I don't feel bad. The side door into the building had a pane of glass punched in, so I doubt anyone would notice the little slit in the screen. Awesome.  

As soon as we walked in there my lungs tightened up and I couldn't breathe, and here is why. The bedroom closet went back super far and was pitch black, so when I took out my camera to see how far back it went...MOULD.  

And more mould.  Gross man.

Krista putting the key back in the box. Why is there a key right there, and not in a lock box? Sketchy man. Seriously. Sayonara to that shit hole.

It was a beautiful, hot Summer day! Hard to be in a bad mood when it is so lovely out.

After a LOOOONG day of craziness, it was time to head to John's place. It was a gorgeous evening for a drive.

Oh my god!! My sister bought me two rings that I absolutely love, but THIS one is my favourite!!! Who doesn't love owls? Especially shiny, sparkly owls!!

I am in love with it. I want to wear it when I sleep.

And then we found John! My love!! Holy smouldering eyeballs dude.  He keeps getting better looking the older he gets. Why are guys lucky like that? As if they deserve it. As if they even put in the effort like some chicks do. Some guys do too I guess, so they are the ones who deserve all the prettiness in the world!

I hadn't eaten or really had anything to drink all day. Too busy to eat, too busy for a glass of water. Sheesh. As soon as we sat down at this place I guzzled an entire mason jar of water, and then I breathed a loud, obnoxious sigh of relief. I had a pounding hunger/ thirsty/ stress headache (it was a crazy day man), and I just wanted a big fat drink and some food.  

So a big fat drink was consumed (thanks Kita!). So good, although so sugary. It was after 8:30PM at this point so you know what that means. Stomachache city, as the old lady in me doesn't like sweets after 8PM. Sigh.

Krista enjoyed one too. flavour.

After we had some dinner (thank god!) it was off to John's for some hang out time. It was needed, it had been a while. And he goes back to work on Tuesday (he is a teacher) so Summer is over for HIM!Ha!

What the fuck is wrong with my face? I look like I have the plague, or that I am suffering from a severe fever. Awesome shot. I especially like that my brow looks super sweaty.  

HA! Nice. Full length mirror syndrome.

Here's where the amazingness begins. We weren't even drunk. Not even close.

Oh look!  It's He-Man and She-ra, Princess of Power. And look, Battle Cat joined the picture too! Pfff...more like CRINGER!

Notice the similar hair in the above and below photos. Duo halloween costume idea Krista? I can be the Master of the Universe, and you can be the princess. Not really much of a costume for you though!  Nyuck nyuck.

Love this place.  My home away from home.

HAHAHA!! Hilarious!  Dave and I want to tell you all something: I SHOVE FOOD INTO MY FACE AT AN ALARMING RATE! That's me 2 hours pregnant with sausage rolls and popcorn. Aren't I adorable?  

What the hell were you guys looking up again? Asian beatboxing?Does someone have an un-realized dream here?

Meanwhile, I was working on seeing the bottom of my wine glass.

And after some chill times with John in his casa, it was time for the long drive home. Where we got lost for a bit. As usual. Finally got home at 2AM, where I was glad to see Dave, and my bed.

Still a day left of the long weekend. What trouble adventures will we get ourselves into I wonder?

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