Marriage is What Brings Us Together.....Today.

by - October 30, 2011

When I said my life has been busy? I wasn't lying. I have been stressed to the max and it had me feeling overwhelmed and crazy and on the brink of a nervous breakdown....but I have calmed the fuck down in the last week.  hank god, because I am not sure how much more my brain could take.  Stress overload mang, it DOES NOT do a body good.

BUUUTTTT, this post is not about stress. This post is about one of my best friends getting married and celebrating her soon to be nuptials with some girl time!

Me and the other beautiful bridesmaid decided to throw Jess a very classy bachelorette.  Since none of us are about strippers and craziness, Sarah and I came up with the idea of an overnight stay at a fancy hotel, a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by high tea the next day.  The hotel and dinner were for just the three of us, and the high tea was for the rest of the family...moms and nonas and aunts and cousins.

Since we had to leave work early to check into the hotel, I made sure to get to work before the sun came up, and in turn ended up looking like this at my desk all day:

I was pretty effing tired.  But it worked in my favour later as I ended up passing out at the end of the night and sleeping the whole way through.  Normally I don't get any sleep at these things on account of not liking sleeping with other people (that I don't usually sleep with) and I end up tossing and turning and remaining awake for the majority of the night.  Not this night, I was done by the end of it.

I think the three of us needed this night.  It was pretty low key and relaxing, and a lot of time was spent in this position.  Do we seem boring to you on account of this being a bachelorette?  Believe me, we were all pretty content to sit on our asses and move like slow-mo from one spot to the other.

The snack table!  Ah yes...notice all the WATER. That's right. Not too much alcohol was consumed. We did have a high tea to attend the next day and being hungover most likely would have sucked.

I love the King Edward Hotel. I stayed here for my 30th birthday almost two years ago and I made it up to the infamous abandoned crystal ballroom. I took a ton of pics on that visit and if you have not yet read that blog post, do it here. It's one of my best.

Anyway, the inevitable bathroom mirror shot. I have not yet grown out of the myspace picture phase of my life, clearly.

Two half baths.  Yup.  We are living in the lap of luxury.  A place to take a dump and a place to wash your hair. Now that's elegance right there.

And because this was to be a classy weekend overall, we had to make sure to capture some of that class on video. Be prepared to be delighted with our whimsical going-ons.  

I thoroughly enjoyed drinking water out of a tumbler glass, with just one ice cube floating in it. It added to the elegance of the evening, and I sure needed to quench my thirst after all that jumping on the bed.

This is what lazing around all evening makes you look like. A bit like a deflated lizard.  

On our way to dinner. These two ladies got dressed up and pretty. I stayed in my regular clothes on account of knowing I was dressing up for tea the next day. Dressing up twice in a 24 hour time span is asking too much of me, I just can't commit to something that drastic.

These hallways will forever remind me of the Shining.

Love this elevator picture. I was really just trying to capture Sarah's ample cleavage, but came out with a PG shot instead.

Sometimes I really love downtown Toronto. I know I complain about it and carry on about how crowded and busy it always is, but every once in a while it's fun to be a part of all that crazy action. I like that businesses downtown are getting into the Halloween spirit too.

And then we walked through St. James Park to see all the Occupy Toronto protesters. It was a bit of a strange vibe there, and I didn't feel completely safe. Especially since I was taking pictures. I don't was just weird.

There were tents everywhere. And people screaming things out, but at the same time it was super quiet. So it would be a random person yelling something out and I thought they were yelling at us and just wanted to go.

We walked by a rally taking place where everyone was gathered around a gazebo and a guy was pumping everyone up by shouting things through a megaphone.  I think the march took place the next day, so they were prepping for that, maybe?  Anyway, I don't mean to sound like I am not supportive of it, because I AM supportive of people's rights for a peaceful protest, but like I said, it was a strange vibe. A hostile one.

How true is this though? Except that Guinness hurts my tummy because it is dark and bitter and cuts a hole right through me. How come bitter beer in the UK doesn't do that to me?

After putting our names in at an Italian restaurant where the wait was long, we decided to go back to the hotel bar and have a glass of wine there. Thank god, because I was really looking forward to that glass. It had been a long week.

The restaurant was delicious. Tons of thirty something hipster types dining there. I told the girls that if I ever become single, I would have to look for dates there if you know what I mean. Ha! The place was called Mercatto for those of you out there searching for the gay looking hipster type guy. The Toronto street location!  Just saying.

The night ended with us all getting into our pjs and crawling into bed to watch t.v. EARLY. We were all very much asleep by 12:30AM, and it was so fucking beautiful I may just cry right now. I had a great sleep is what I am trying to say.

And then the next day I got dressed up for high tea. This deserves it's own blog post.  For real.

High tea was awesome. Everyone should experience it once in their lives! The tea cups were one of the best parts for me... very Lady Gaga. I love fancy things.

My tea choice was Golden Assam. It was delicious.

I had the ploughman's tea. That egg in the corner is a scotch egg. I had never even heard of one before this. This too, was consumed in utter delight. It was a magical egg I tell you. I am serious.

And this ends the beginning of Jessica's wedding festivities. Soon she will be a Mrs. and will pop out a couple of kids and be all, like, GROWN UP.

And I couldn't be happier for her. I hope you had a wonderful weekend Jessi! xoxoxo

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