Mental Health Day: 2

by - October 17, 2011

Well aren't I a giant asshole? I took my sweet ass time getting this part two out! Life has pretty much blown up in my face, in a good way...super busy these days, although I am starting to feel the pull to slow down. Sometimes if I do too much and take on too much (ok all the time) I start getting stressed out and then all my yes's turn to big fat NO'S.

These pictures are actually making me a bit sad because the weather has turned to Fall for good. And although I love Autumn and Winter, they don't love me. My SAD has been kicking my ass lately (already) and to think that I have another 6 months of this is exhausting me. Time to vitamin things up and get tons of sleep.

It was such a gorgeous day that day. Today is the first sunny day we have had in an entire week. If you looked at the weather forecast for Toronto all last week it said hours of sun: 0. This is unacceptable. The weather this past Saturday was B-R-U-T-A-L.  Man.

We saw this little guy trying to cross the walkway from one stretch of grass to the other. There were tons of people walking and biking that day and we didn't want it to get squished. So Dave and I stood like two beefy cops around it, escorting it to where it needed to go. Eventually I helped it along with a stick. Those things are pretty slow. Seriously so cute. Reminds me of Oscar the grouch's friend Slimey. I mean, even though he is a worm. Same diff.

Keep moving soldier.

Dave is saving it further and placing it in this tree.

I like that the trees have little placards so you know which type of tree it is.


Dave and I kept getting lost in staring at the waves. One of us would have to tear the other away. I am completely and utterly drawn to water and everything about it. I love the mystery of what lies beneath, and I love when it is angry. This past Saturday Lake Ontario looked VERY angry indeed. Kind of like this:

Imagine sitting high up in your condo overlooking the water, watching the lake when it is this stormy? It's my freaking dream to be able to do that one day.   

Anyway, back to pretty days, warm days.

The Island is a treat.  We are so lucky to have a place like this in Toronto. To escape the craziness that is the city and just retreat into nature and beauty. Only costs $6.50, return trip!

Of course I had to get to the end of this and stare into the water. It is all crumbly and falling apart and a bit hard to navigate, but with a helping hand from Dave (and me to him) we made it to the end. No one was on this the whole time we were hanging around this area, and then as soon as we walked on to it, everyone wants a turn. Sigh.

If it had been warmer, I would have stuck my feet in the water. And possibly grown extra toes. Lake Ontario is mad polluted. Which sucks. 

Ah yes, the whole reason we wanted to come to the Island, to see the super old lighthouse. I knew that it wouldn't be open to the public to go inside (it's haunted!), but I was holding out a tiny bit of hope that someone would have left it unlocked by accident.

Of course it was locked. Sigh.

I gave it the old college try. Believe me, I did.

Stinky locked lighthouse.

Aww. All is forgiven.

We didn't want to leave. But the sun was starting to go down and I wanted a burger. We had been walking ALL day and I was starving like a man.

On the ferry, on the way back.

City skylines are more beautiful to me than nature. Just my opinion.

Oh, and you best believe I devoured a delicious burger. We walked for another hour to get to a really yummy joint, and they did not disappoint. Signs of a good one: dirty burger hands. I have been dreaming of this burger ever since. Big Smoke Burger all the way! I recommend the Spicy Burger. Gaahhhhh.....

And that was the end of our island adventure. Until next year.

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