Mental Health Day

by - October 12, 2011

Now that looks like a girl who needs coffee. Last Friday I took the day off of work so that I could gallivant around the city with Dave.  He had never been to Toronto Island before, so seeing that it was a GORGEOUS day out there, it was the destination of choice for the day.

Am I looking at you, or at the corner of the ceiling? Who knows?

April O' Neil, Channel 3 Eyewitness News.Want to know my secret desire? To be the leader of the Foot Clan. I would kick ass, don't EVEN deny it.

Dave trying to 'teach' me how to aim a camera. My face says it all. What's with guys? Please teach me how to use that electronic device! I don't know how, as I am a girl and scared.

And then I burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all.  

I am aiming here, is it ok?

What an awesome day. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather to enjoy the Island. Look at dem crows feet! Smile eyes is my new PC term for eye wrinkles. I also have a PC term for gray hair: BRIGHT HAIR.  Isn't that brilliant? Even better is my sister's best friend's term: ARCTIC HIGHLIGHTS. OMG!! I bust a gut every time. Also I am an idiot. PC terms for wrinkles and hair?

Teeny tiny amongst the green. Soon enough it will be all white.

Shit. Can I look any more Macedonian? Fresh off the boat.

I love the streetcar. WAY more than the subway. It looks dark because we were underground (on the streetcar) at that moment. So there you have it, the most uninteresting thing I have ever said. Right there, on paper.

Love my lemon tea. It is very rare to see me without one.

China town! I love exploring this place. Actually, I need some lemon balm, or kava kava. Fights against anxiety and stress. Also, helps in concentration. I need these. Most likely I will find them here.

The Harbourfront.  I am not changing the 'U' in harbour even though I am getting the squiggly lines. You can walk for miles along the harbour front and there are always awesome things to do in the Summer: free concerts, boat cruises, delicious restaurants, art name it. Love it here.

I would love to travel and work on deck on this thing for a while. I think since I want to join a circus, this would satisfy that itch for a bit. 

Look at how freaking high. You know you can do a CN Tower EdgeWalk these days right?  Yeah ok. I would barf up my soul, die, do a little jig, and then die again. 

On the way to the ferry.  t's the best part of the Island. Worth it just to ride the ferry there and back.

This little area right before you go into the loading zone on the ferry docks will always remind me of concerts past. I have been to many shows on the island and the shuffle step of hundreds of people piling out of here at once is all too familiar.

Me, at 50. It's ok, it's the squinting. Speaking of me in the future and/ or past, I received an email from 'No Sender' dated December 31, 1969 and I told Dave it was me from the future, where I traveled back to the past, trying to send myself a message in the future. Turns out it was just a weird iPhone glitch. Sure. So they SAY.

Yay the ferry! Life jackets galore! This is good. Very good. Dave can't swim.

Have I said this before? I effing love this city.  If I linked back to every blog post where I said that, it would be a lot of links. The city of Toronto should pay me to be their spokesperson. I think there are two types of people who live in this city: the type that live here and never leave their homes and therefore hate it,  and then the type to explore it and really get out of it what it has to offer. I happen to love it because I know what's out there, already discovered and yet to discover.

Ahhh, the tranquility and nature of the island. Damn. There is a waiting list to live here you know. For a reason, as you can see.

We sat down to enjoy a picnic lunch by the water but the wasps were out of control. It's October already! Go to sleep! The warm weather we have been experiencing has tricked them into staying awake longer. They are all dopey and therefore desperate. Which scares me a little bit. I have been stung a gazillion times before, and I think I might be getting more allergic. Does that make sense?

Autumn has barely touched the trees here.

Why do I look so awkward here?

There, that's better.  Much more natural.

Be back with part deux lickety split!

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