This is the Truth

by - October 04, 2011

Seriously.  Who else is with me on this one? 

Lately at work, I need something to distract me from blowing people away. I don't normally complain about work too much on this here blog, but I have to tell you...lately....I want to have one of these at my desk.

And I want to do this whenever someone comes to my desk to ask another stupid question:

Yes, I do work in an office, but it is not a corporate office. I don't DO corporate. It is very relaxed and chill (for the most part). Well, at least it used to be. Some newbies were hired, and they came from corporate places. So the second they walked in the door, it's been corporate mentality around here and it has sucked for everyone. SUCKED. What is WITH people like that who blow into a place and think they can change everything all at once to the way THEY want it? Does the word corporate actually stand for DOUCHE because this is what I am beginning to realize. Complaints have been made on my part (and many others') and I feel like if we aren't taken seriously, I may have to peace on out of here.

Anyway, that my shit that's going on. Life and blah blah shit shit.

Guess what's going on with my nails SOON?  These babies!

I love them. Tim Burton is brilliant in merging Halloween with Christmas. Need to watch that movie again now...

Also, just as a woohoo to me, I made my weight loss goal. I lost 23 pounds, bringing me from 158 to 135. And that's it, I don't need to lose any more weight or I will look like a waif. I am 5'6, so any more will be too much. Now I just need to work on toning. Which means more strength training. I hate strength training, but I will do it. It's another challenge I will set for myself and meet my goal!

Jeggings Sam!  Jeggings!

Please excuse my fucking face, this was pre-coffee.  And morning. Hate morning. Also, please excuse my language.

And never mind the ever present cats. Speaking of cats...I met a goal, therefore a reward may be coming my way.  A reward that is painful yet worth it.  Did you guess tattoo?  Well then you would be correct.  

My friends, it's time for another.  

And it might be big.

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