Who Let the Sickness In?

by - October 02, 2011

Guess what I did on Friday night?

I went bowling.  It was Jess's birthday on Wednesday (Happy Birthday Jessi!) and she wanted to go bowling. So we saved it for Friday and off we went. It was good too, because the week I had had made me want to throw things into other things and knock everything down.

There just might be a few people at my work place who drive me insane. Not going to go into why, just know that if you took everything that irritates you in the world and times'd it by a million, that's how much these people irritate me. I ran out of there at 6PM like my ass was on fire because I needed to down the biggest beer I could find. Did that, and felt much better.

I won at losing. I choose to see the glass half full, thank you.

I love people watching at bowling alleys. You get all kinds. Apparently Friday night is date night. There was an older couple beside us that kept full on making out EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY HIT A PIN. Hey, I am not one to poo poo a cute love fest, but when you are practically taking each other's clothes off, it's time to leave and move on to the next part of the date man. 

And then a young couple took their place once the older couple left to go bowling in bed, and you could tell it was the first date for them. SO AWKWARD. She kept doing this weird little dance every time she hit a few pins and he kept ignoring her and texting someone else. HE WILL DO THAT TO YOU FOR THE ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP, SO GET OUT NOW. Aren't I just a dear Abby tonight?

Crazy face! I was drunk here. I was drowning my work woes, along with the fact that I was starting to feel crappy (and the full on sick hit me when the beer wore off), and the fact that it was FREEZING outside. Raining and windy and really, really cold. I felt winter in my bones people. Tonight is going to feel like -1 degree Celsius (30F).  Brrr....so what do you guys say? Snow Watch 2011? Is it on?

These lights kept tripping me out.  I kept seeing them out of the corner of my eye and I kept thinking that bowling balls were flying at my head. I kept ducking. A cool combo of the beer and my sick, spaced out brain was causing me to be delusional. 

This is awesome, I know.

And then we stole someone else's bowling thingy. I was Betty. That means I am hot.

On the way home, we decided to stop into a convenience store and pick up some 'food'. I had to take a picture of this box of Cornflakes that was on the shelf because it is CREEPY. That kid is less cutesy and more Gage from Pet Semetary. How old is this box? Or is Kellogg's  (my nickname in high school) doing a throwback to the 60's?

This hot dog was the only thing I wanted today. And then it made me want to barf.

I woke up today feeling like ass. Thanks people in the office who all got sick! I thought I would be able to fight this one off, but nope. My sore throat kept waking me up in the middle of the night. That only happens when I am really sick. I won't go down easily though...vitamin C, echinacea,  garlic pills and lots of herbal tea are my soldiers. 

Sometimes when I am sick and delirious, I wear a bag on my head. Because that is how awesome I feel.

Look at this freaking cat. Cool way to sit. Her paws could punch you out.

I went and helped my sister at her new place today. I was supposed to help her move and it didn't happen. She told me not to worry about it and just come by to help her later, so I did.  Well, I didn't so much help as stare at things and breath deep overwhelmed sighs all evening long.  I would open a box, sort of shuffle the contents with my finger and decide it was too hard to sort through.  This is what being sick does to me, I can't deal. Normally I plow through shit until it's done.

So tonight is all about my fuzzy slippers and video games. That is pumpkin beer you see there as well. I tried to drink it and just couldn't stomach it.  

I look like an old person who has never played video games before. "Oh ok, like this deah?".

Sunday's agenda consists of coffee, bacon and eggs, a new book and pajamas all day. It's going to be cold and rainy...a perfect day to stay inside.

Happy rest of your weekend!

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