Family Fun Days

by - November 29, 2011

Get ready for the cheesy lovey sister show. We took way too many pictures of the two of us this past weekend, but hey, I'll take it.  She never wants her picture taken these days on account of being an 80-year-old woman.

So we went up to visit my folks again this weekend.  I was starving by the time we got there and this was the first thing I saw.  It was like seeing the light. I effing love Turkish Delight. Where am I from?  Istanbul?

She is a little bugger. Such a sweet girl. Still bite-y though. Ask my face.

Hey look! My parents have already re-done a room in their house.  For a couple of old folks, that's pretty good. It's a cozy room.  Well, I wouldn't know. I always get the shit end of the stick when my sister is involved and I had to sleep on the floor. That's okay, it just further confirms my amazingness as a human being.



Man, it had been years since I had a cup of soup.

Look at that 80-year-old beauty queen.

We took the furry brother and sister to the dog park. It was freezing, but they had a great time. Well, the puppy, Bailey, was a little bit scared of all the dogs and kept trying to sit on my shoes.  I want to dog-nap her from my parents.

I am way taller, but I ignored the signage and went in anyway...

And this is the start of a long succession of this:

I think she thinks she is a Disney Princess. Where is your hand mirror fair maiden?

Man, it was honesty freezing. My parents live near a body of water, and I am from a big city. Therefore I didn't wear my winter jacket because it's always warmer in the city. Stupid Katherine.

The culprit, or WHY IT WAS SO COLD.  I was all gung ho about playing by the water and I opened the car door and was like "OKKKKKKAAAAYYYY. All done here".

The stance of a person who is dying of hypothermia. At least I am smiling.

My parents took us to the Mandarin for dinner. I can no longer handle the buffet man. Twenty five dollars and I can barely eat one plate. Not worth it.

My holiday drink. God I love Christmas. Especially after consuming this baby. SO MUCH ALCOHOL.


Even better.

Mama Kato.

I told you there were a lot of these. I love my sister!

We went to the Brick afterwards because my parents needed to inquire about a couch they bought. And OMG this couch...this couch...brings a tear to my eye.

Can someone buy this for me for Christmas? PAH-lease!!!

Haha! Sometimes he doesn't like it when she comes near him. But because he is the sweetest dog ever, all he can do is show her his best Elvis impersonation.

And then I had to say goodbye to this. It gets harder and harder every time.  P.S- Marley and Me was on t.v. this past weekend. We all watched it together. That movie is EVIL and tugs on every heart string known to man. My dad had to 'go for a smoke' meaning he had to go outside and throw his arms around a post and wail into the night sky. Of course my mom and sister and I were open with our rivers of tears.

Meanwhile, back in the city...

I decorated my 'office' for Christmas. I had to work with what was there, which wasn't very much.

Walking home that night, I decided to see if the Christmas house had decorated yet. I love this street  because everyone goes all out for the holidays but this house in particular is ridiculous. In a good way. I walked by all slowly, staring up at it with wide eyes and a stupid smile on my face.

I hope the inundation of holiday stuff isn't making you want to jump off a bridge yet. This Friday is my work Christmas party...we'll see how that one goes. I will make sure to take a lot of pictures.

Happy rainy cold night people!

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