Glimpses of My Life Lately

by - November 22, 2011

Well dudes, I haven't been around lately.I have wanted to, believe me, but life got a little busy there and life is important. Life is meant to be lived, and that is most definitely what I was doing.

My parents moved, and they got another puppy. They already have a baby dog named Chivas (like the alcohol), but they wanted to add another little one to the pot, to make things interesting, you know. Let's move and get a puppy! Who's crazy? Anyway, her name is Bailey (like the alcohol) and she is just the most precious thing that ever walked this earth.

Look at those eyes...I fell in love with her instantly. 

My parents live really close to the U.S. border now, and when my sister and I went to go and visit them for the first time in their new house, we went across to Niagara Falls, NY.  A bit of a hole in the earth, but OMG I LOVE THE STATES!  I got so much shit there it was unbelievable, ANNNNNDDDDDD I freaking LOVE Target. Oh boy, I could live there. I hadn't been across the border since I was like nine or ten, so it was pretty fantastic.  Even though I almost shit myself coming back due to the border guards.  CAN YOU SMILE PLEASE GUARD GUY?  THANKS

TGIF bitches!  It was Saturday though.  Krista was trying to hide her wrinkles, even though she is as old as dirt and just needs to embrace it.  Think about it, you can crush people with your knowledge and wisdom, you can make them cower before your years Krista.  I am just a young little thing myself, and I have a lot to learn *ahem*.

OMG TOPS! Friendly markets!

The loot.  I felt like I had stolen it all it was so cheap. Maybe that's why I was super nervous crossing back into Canada? Good thing I didn't tell the border guard my joke about all the cocaine I was carrying on my person. I told that one to my parents on the way in to the States and they didn't even bat an eyelash. Stupid used-to-my-insanity parents.

Oh my god she kills me with her cuteness. I honestly can't handle it.


As you can see, I spent a lot of time in this position. Just hanging out in my pajamas with a puppy sleeping on my lap. And boy does she ever nap. My mom has some competition with this one. See who can out-nap each other!  ANNNDDDD GO!

Why don't you just shove a knife through my heart and get it over with already?  

Oh yeah, and my parents house too.  Right. Look a front door. Not as cute as a puppy.

Looking out into the backyard is the man cave. Where much television is watched and feets are put up on tables. I love all the windows in this room, so pretty.  I mean manly. Sorry dad.

Evidence of feet up and television viewing.

My favourite part of the house, the front window looking out onto the street. I could sit here all day and read a book, there is just something about this room that I love. It's funny because the house my parents (and me!) lived in in Orangeville for 15 years had no hold over me. I had zero attachment to that house. With a single visit to this one, I love it so much. I don't love that they are 2 hours away from me now, but hey, such is life.  



Their street is disgustingly adorable. You know, the kind of street where everyone waves at you and is super sweet, when you know that behind closed doors there has to be some sort of devil worship going on. It's just too cute. Everyone has a dog or two, and everyone knows their neighbours dogs' names. Crazy devil worshippers. 

The other baby. I miss my boy.

From the porch, looking out onto the street.

I love the columns.  

Ok, enough of the Leave it to Beaver street. Looky here, I made stuffed peppers for the first time ever!  And oh man were they ever delicious. I haven't been a lover of onions or any kind of pepper my whole life, but this has since changed.  I guess your taste buds get duller as you get older or something, because I love both now.

Walking home from work one you see what I see? Christmas trees are already appearing in people's front windows, and I haven't even felt a tick in my Christmas countdown clock yet. What's wrong with me? Too busy, too stressed? Bullshit, I don't like that.  I am the Christmas Queen!

It still looks like this, and as of recently, it has been 10+ degrees (Celsius) here. I can't get into the Christmas spirit until it's cold and I see some snow. Today is cold, so this is a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, over in Jessica's neck of the woods, they have been dealing with this all week. This is an actual picture of her actual backyard. Yeah, for real. NOT that I am ready for that amount of snow, no thank you.  Not yet. But a snowFLAKE or two would be nice.

Dave was gone for four days last week, helping to renovate his sister's new house. I sent him this picture on Sunday morning with a 'Wish you were here!' attached. What a pathetic breakfast.

And then Jessica decided to get married. So I had to find a dress to wear. My LEAST favourite thing in the world to do. Tried on three that a friend leant to me, chose one from the three. Well, one of the dresses was flowy and white, so that one was out, even though it was my favourite.  Psshhh...rules. This is the one I did not choose. Pretty though, isn't it?

This past Saturday, the big day arrived.  Jess' hair is so long, that only the ends would curl. She looked so beautiful I thought I would cry right there. The Roots sweat pants pushed me over the teary edge.

And they got married!  I was the maid of honour and I stood proud for my little Jessi. I thought I was going to shit myself a few times from nerves, but I did good. Besides, you have to pay for that, and I ain't cheap.

This is the dress I DID choose.

Fucking hippies got married. God aren't they the sweetest looking husband and wife you have ever seen? She is wearing white converse with bright pink shoelaces and bright blue socks under that dress.

Fast forward to today. I had an appointment at the hospital for my phlebotomy, and while we were waiting for that to happen, we explored a bit. I happen to love hospitals....weird I know. I have spent so much time in them over my life that they feel like home to me. We happened upon this lovely view on the 13th floor.  

The thing in my back pocket is a pager. So that you don't have to wait in a waiting room. You can wander the hospital and your pager vibrates when a bed or a chair has opened up. Sweet. I hate waiting rooms, they are depressing. Especially the one where I would have to wait.

And with every post I have that involves Toronto in some way, I have to say it: MAN I LOVE THIS CITY.  I say it every time...

Treatment is over, just getting some fluids. Which makes me have to piss like a horse by the way, and you are pretty much stuck there. Trying not to pee your pants.

I am concentrating here so that I don't take a leak all over the chair. Huzzah!

It's a beautiful thing, modern medicine. Oh wait, what they do to me is ancient, and barbaric. Just kidding about the barbaric part, although I have had some interesting nurses in my time...  

And that's it that's all folks. I am currently resting up at home, in my pjs, waiting for a big storm to hit tonight.  Lots of rain, at times heavy, and possibly freezing. Thank god there is some wine already in the fridge and I don't have to go out and get some.

Happy Tuesday!

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