Birthday Girl

by - December 21, 2011

I got this card in the mail. It is the best card I have ever received...hands down. Birthday is in 25 minutes!

It's been weird. It hasn't felt like Christmas to me this year, and I am the QUEEN of Christmas, the Martha Stewart of decking the halls, the Mrs. Claus of hot chocolate and cookies.  And yet, doesn't feel like Christmas.

Maybe it's the fact that I am broke and no one is getting a present this year?  I know that presents aren't what Christmas is about, but I love buying them...and I LOVE wrapping them. And there is none of that this year.

I am pretty happy that we get to see our families this year.  Since we are all over the place these days it has been a bit of a struggle trying to figure out how we are going to get where and when, etc. So it will be nice to do that...excited to stuff my guts full of delicious food.

Oh look! Even though I haven't been feeling especially Christmas-y, I still made us go out and get a tree. We have had one every year since we have lived together (except for one year when Christmas didn't exist. I was sick, cat was sick, it sucked).  

We turned on some Christmas music, tuned into the fire channel, and tipsily decorated our tree. It was great. There was Toffifee. Fuck I love that shit.  I can't stop eating it.

Yay! Collesmas has started! Aren't we lame?

Indigo pointed out on facebook that one of us was leaning in this picture.  I assure you, it was me.  Remember I mentioned tipsyness. It was abundant on this night.

Merry Sexmas. Just kidding.

It's good that the pictures are blurry, as this only portrays how I was seeing the world that night.

Fucking cat has been playing in the tree ever since. My life now consists of sweeping up needles EVERY FIVE SECONDS.

I collect ornaments from around the world, and I get people to bring me back one when they go away too. This tree has seen more travel than I actually have, like, in reality. One day this will be rectified, and then I can be all, "HA! Screw you tree! I have been to ALL these places!".


Salem. And there is an Irish guy in there somewhere, and a bunch of tropical ones because my parents are cruise hags.

See? Toffifee.  The next 800 pictures are of me enjoying this treat. You can continue scrolling, but just know that it is my birthday in 10 minutes and I gave up on this post 15 minutes ago. So there you are.


Back up while I am chewing my delicious treat!

Awww sheeeit. I wish they were paying me for this. They aren't.

And then one night I walked home from work and came upon this monstrosity. The end.

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