Snow Watch 2011 Party

by - December 06, 2011

Hey dudes and ladies!  What's going on wit me you ask?  Why not a whole lot, except that Snow Watch 2011 is ON. Check out last year's Snow Watch here.

Now I do have to say one thing here: this snow that I have captured on camera does not really count as snow watch 2011 being OVER. It only snowed for an hour and then melted right away.  A for real snow watch has to stick on the ground for at least a day and has to be a certain amount.  Like last year, when I knew that Snow Watch 2010 was over.  So, it's not over yet, k?

I took these at work. Which by the way, has been an asshole lately. Oh, who am I kidding?  Work is always an asshole. Not sure if I told you guys about THE GUY. He is honestly the most awful person I have ever come across in my entire life, and I am not sure how he gets himself dressed every morning, never mind how he holds down a job.  At first I did everything I could to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he made it difficult. Now it seems like everyday someone else has something to say about how awful he is so it is no longer just me.  If I was the only one to not like him then I would be the problem right? Turns out many people don't like him.  I mean, that sucks for him, but he does it to himself and I can't feel too bad for him. He doesn't HAVE to act the way he does. Oh well, c'est la vie.

I was floating on air on this day. You guys have no idea how happy snow makes me.  Especially the first snow. I was texting everyone I knew freaking out about it, and it was funny because everyone I knew was texting ME saying, "You must love it out there right now!".  Haha! Do my friends and family know me or what?

It only stayed on the ground for an hour and then melted. It has been hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year. It has been too warm, and the ground too dry. I need cold and snow!  That is why I live in this freaking country! It's okay, my annual hang with my best friend John will kick my ass into loving the season. He is even more of a nerd than I am about the holidays.  This is why I love him.

I made a big snowball out of this snow and brought it inside and showed it to everyone as if it were a treasure. Every one was like, "Yeah....great.". Sigh.  

This is the dress I wore to my work Christmas party, of which I took almost zero pictures of by the way. I was D-R-U-N-K, and also working. Since I am on the Christmas committee every year (lame I know), I was roped into being on the Christmas gala committee as well. So I had mucho work to do before the party started.  And then after it ended. But boy oh boy, in between, I was WASTED!

The hotel we stayed at was really nice. Well, except for the $50 breakfast in bed the next morning. For fifty dollars it better have tasted like angels pissing on my tongue, only it didn't at all.

Pretty view. Before the work began I had an hour and a half to myself in the room. I ate chocolate and watched Jerry Springer while lying spread eagle on the huge bed. It was heaven. P.S- Jerry Springer is REALLY BAD.

I danced like a maniac all night. Which saved my ass I am sure, as I was working off the many beers I had a lot quicker. If I hadn't of been dancing I would have been a drunken idiot. Instead I was fine. Just a crazy dance machine. Oh but I was NOT FINE the next day. Hangover city.  Needed to get home into my pajamas ASAP.  It was a brutal one. Plus I was sore from all the dancing.

Tonight I am resting my weary bones.  I tried a new exercise program tonight and it kicked my ass harder then the dancing did.  I could barely get through it.  And now I have the taste of a challenge on my lips.  I will conquer the beast and do it even better.  Getting fit and exercising turns you into a monster, as you are always hungry for more.  You might take a few days off here and there, maybe even a week, but once the lifestyle change sticks, you are always raring to go.  Especially after a little break.  I love it.

I hope you are all warm and enjoying your Tuesday night!  I prayed for cold and I am going to get it. Going to feel like -7 degrees Celsius (19F) with the windchill tonight!  A good night to bundle up on the couch and watch Christmas movies.  Sleep well my loves!

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