Up To No Good-Abandoned House Edition

by - December 01, 2011

My sister and I have a hard on for abandoned houses.  Why? No idea.  Well maybe a little.  Because we like to scare the shit out of ourselves!  Walking into a house, especially one that still has people's belongings in it, always conjures up scary stories in my mind.  Who would just leave their belongings like that?  Why did no one want to buy the house?  What happened here?

So when my sister and I saw this abandoned house on the way home from my parents house last weekend, we had to go in.  And we can be pretty forceful.  We WILL climb in windows and go through scary basements in order to get in.  Thankfully, the third outside door that we tried opened up nicely for us at this creepy house.

Dave asked me afterwards, "How do you know if it's abandoned?".  Well....I yelled pretty loudly in that broken window, "HEEEELLLLLOOOOOO?????".  If no one answers me, that's their problem, right?

Standard garbage crap all over the place.  Did I mention that this house is out in the middle of nowhere?  Even creepier.

I walked into this kitchen and almost had a heart attack.  The floor was sagging in the middle and when I stepped onto it the house made a "mmmmrrrrhhaaaammmrrr" sound.  Needless to say I was terrified to cross the kitchen floor.  But I took a deep breath and stuck close to the wall.  My sister said: "I'll know not to cross the floor when you fall through.  I won't walk on it then".  Sister love at it's finest.

People love burning shit in abandoned houses.  WHO?  This house is in a vortex of nothing.  Who would hang out here and burn stuff?

I love the shelf of cobwebs by the window.  Very nice corner unit little spiders.  Keep decorating!

This floor sagged in the middle as well.  I was crouched low like a ninja, hugging the perimeter of the room to cross the floor.  It was still solid enough feeling underneath the sag, but you can never be too careful.  Of course Krista made me go first.

What a tacky lovely fireplace you have there.

Weird white dress.  Why?  I wonder if it would fit me....just kidding!  Yuck!

SICK.  Surprisingly though, it wasn't stinky.  It smelled like dust and many years of neglect, but anything that could rot did it a long time ago.

Ewww.  Like that black bottle of ketchup.


Attic.  We didn't go in there.

Dresser full of clothes.  Nothing with ninja turtles on it though.  I definitely would have taken those.  Gross.  No I wouldn't.

Didn't even see those when I took the picture.

This video is HILARIOUS.  I sound SO. EFFING. SCARED.  I wasn't...ok I was.  Maybe a little teeny tiny bit, because we started hearing a very low droning buzz that sounded like electronic equipment.  And as far as we knew, there was no juice in this here house, so where the hell was it possibly coming from?  Also, it was dark.

Oh sorry, I made a mess in the bathroom.

Crazy fun house stairs.

Wish I got video of this.  Krista decided to fairy-run-lightly across the saggy floor in hopes that her speed and petite feet wouldn't sway the house.  It worked, but man it was funny.  I still ninja frog walked around the perimeter. 

Another set of stairs.  Such a strange house.

Oh good.  A kids playroom.  Because abandoned houses and creepy ghost children go hand in hand.  I was looking for chalk to write something like, "You will all die" for the next idiots who decided to go exploring.

I think you need to clean your kitchen.  I don't want to eat over at your house until then.

Basement.  LIKE FUCK I was going down there.  It was pitch black down there, and pitch black in the hallway I was standing in.  I stood at the top of the stairs and took pictures from there, thank you very much.

Ahhh....on our way out again where we breathed a sigh of relief.  Even though stuff like that is fun, you don't realize how tense you are until you are out.  Still though, doesn't it make you wonder why people leave all of their stuff and take off?

Goodbye little house.  I am sure as we pass you by time and time again, we will see you change.  You will either be bought and re-built, or you will crumble into the ground and nature will take over.  Houses are always so interesting.  Every house has secrets and many stories to tell.

And that's all folks.  Christmas party tomorrow....stay tuned.

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