2011: A Year in Photographs

by - January 26, 2012

I have been feeling under the weather lately (literally!) and have not been aware enough to post anything on this here blog.  But since I am feeling better, I wanted to share my annual year in photographs.  I am a little late, I know, but I always am with this kind of thing.

For 2009, click here.

For 2010, click here.

2011 saw:

-Dave's entering and being accepted into an Emerging Composer/ Director match up program.  Where an orchestra played his music. And then being nervous to attend the screening (the very first of many!)
-our 6 year anniversary at the amazing Millcroft Inn.  So much fun.
-hanging with my best friend John.
-hiking at the Forks of the Credit.
-the day Jess asked me to be her maid of honor.
-Dave and I doing the Goodlife Fitness 5k walk for MADD, in honor of a dear woman.
-Mine and Dave's many adventures, and many places we haunt to eat (VERY important!)
-VIDEO GAMES! Of course :)
-My sister visiting.
-Dave's 29th birthday.
-Hula hooping in High Park with Jess.
-Di's birthday (and way too many tequila shots).
-screening for Android Re-enactment, a feature film that Dave composed the music for.  And the after party!
-seeing my bet friend of life, Ciara.
-random adventures that land us in amazing places.
-drinking in random and amazing places.
-going with Jess to buy her wedding dress (she was in and out of there in no time! My kind of bride-to-be!)
-Downey's Farm for Halloween!!
-Felix R.I.P.
-Dave's first time on Toronto Island.
-Last Thanksgiving in my parents' old house.
-Jess's hotel/ high tea bachelorette party.
-Parent's new puppy/ new house.
-Jess's wedding day!!
-regular hospital visits
-Visiting the folks just before Christmas (so much fun!)
-My birthday
-Christmas at my parent's new house.

I hope that 2011 found everyone happy and healthy, and I hope that 2012 is even better then the last.

Enjoy life!!  

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