Chilly Weekend

by - January 16, 2012

I recently got rid of (donated) ten giant bags of clothing. TEN! Who the hell knew I had that much shit lying around? I only ever wear two pairs of pants, but that could be a throwback to my dirty hippie teenager days...sleeping in fields and whatever bit of floor you could find if you were lucky enough to be in a house. That's what partying and being high all night did to you you know, you didn't give a shit where you slept.  I remember sleeping outside at a huge party, in the back of a field, IN THE RAIN. No tent. I didn't even care.

But I digress. Ten bags of clothing. Cleaning out my drawers made me realize how badly I needed a new dresser.  So off to Ikea we went. This is about all that is left of the clothing that I own.  

It was so cold on Saturday that on the walk to pick up our Zipcar, I had to pop in to a store I would never normally go into and buy a hat.But hey hey! Score for me because I found a little girls' Punkyfish hat. It was the only one there, it was like it was meant for me.  

Ikea purchase = success! We spent all day out and about, grocery shopping since we had a car, and then wandering around Ikea. I knew exactly what dresser I wanted so really we just needed to write down where to find it. Mission complete. Now to lug it up the stairs into our apartment. Those boxes were stupid heavy. Good thing Dave has muscles. I do to though, so don't mess with this bitch.

We also bought this netting for our bed. I told my mom this and she said, "Do you have bugs or something?". NO MOTHER, it's a princess bed! Or as Dave NEEDS to call it because he is a man: a fort. FART BURP!

Fireplace space heater.  The ONLY reason that is there is because it is keeping the space warm for the new t.v. we buy for the bedroom. It will be a while because you know, we ain't rich dicks yet, but when it happens it will be amazing. No more falling asleep with the laptop between us, only for one of us to wake up and have to get out of a warm bed to place it on the desk. Guess who that person always is? Sigh. Men and their passing out cold sleeping habits.


This is what my Sunday consisted of.  It needed to happen.  For my sanity. I woke up with all of these chores in my mind that needed to get done, but instead I said fuck it and played scary video games. Amen.

Tonight consists of reading, lying in the fort, and watching something to fall asleep to in the fort. Forts rule.

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