Hold the Phone! I'm Alive!

by - January 14, 2012

Ha! As if everyone was concerned. It's ok...sometimes I am here, sometimes I am not. But I will ALWAYS come back. I can't stay away.

I guess it's been a while right? Let's get everyone caught up to speed via pictures shall we?  

This was the night of my birthday.  It was actually a pretty fantastic day as I took the day off of work and was L-A-Z-Y.  Spent the day in my pjs, which was magical, and then we went out for a birthday dinner.

All I fucking wanted on my birthday was beer and nachos. So that's what the birthday princess had. Eating healthy and exercising actually does bad things to your brain...like make it understand the crap you are putting into your body. Once you really come to that understanding, you just can't do it anymore. So I had to tell myself it was ok, it was my birthday damn it! Nice hair by the way...

Oh right, I had cheesecake too. It was stupendous! I live for these  food moments of crap. Gah.

I 'made' us a Christmas eve dinner. Meaning I put something in the oven, took it out, and cut it up. It was very time consuming. Oh and I put grapes into a bowl. I deserve a housewife of the year award.  I even lit a few freaking candles too. Medals all around.

Wanted Christmas-y nails. This colour kept staining my nails an ugly yellow. It was pissing me off, as it made me look like I smoked a thousand cigarettes a day. I was silently fuming about them on the way to work one day and a woman who looked uhhh, a bit rough, stopped and asked me for directions and her nails were the same lovely shade of shit as mine. What the hell O.P.I?  Then I learned all about a base coat. Thanks for leaving me in the dark for 32 years everyone.

Awwww! Christmas at the 'rents! Such a fun time. My sister and or Dave and I always get drunk and act like children at the kiddie end of the table but it's ok, everyone wants to sit with us because we are cool. Would you look at these two assholes? So effing cute!!! The dogs are pretty adorable too!

Good friends and family. And food. Christmas was special for me this year because my parents are drifters and moved far away from me, the jerk-offs. So it was nice to be able to celebrate the holiday with them in their new house. It was up in the air for a little while whether I could or not. Very thankful this year.

My mother outdid herself with this cheesecake. I am drooling for real right now.

Oh my god.  Because my sister is a drunk (and blond! AHHH!!) she came up with a brilliant invention of using your mashed potatoes to get your corn into your mouth.  Why does that sound so incredibly perverted to me?  Say it out loud, you'll see. Anyway, it was pretty hilarious, she was excited about it and made me hold her life's work while she took a picture. Sisters right?

The next day at Dave's family Christmas dinner, Dave decided to one up Krista and use his TURNIP to get the corn into his mouth!!OOOOO, this could be a throw down of wit and intellect.

My face: New Years Eve edition. We didn't do anything. Stayed home and drank and played board games. I don't really do New Years but if I did I would definitely wear something sparkly. Saw so many gorgeous sparkly girls walking around and it made me want to go out just a teeny tiny smidge.

We did have THE MOST delicious pizza ever from Vesuvios.  My own creation of course. Man. Artichoke hearts, prosciutto, mushrooms and asiago cheese. Their crust is to die for!

So happy. Also, remind me never to take my glasses off again. Show's my age like crazy. I am 32 you guys! Ahhhh!!! It's not old, I know....but 32!!!  I remember skipping down the street when I was 11, meeting my best friend for the first time...like it was yesterday. Life goes by way too fast.

I took my sister and Dave out to brunch the day after New Years...I do believe that brunch is my favourite meal of the day. I also think that sweater looks ridiculous on me.

A rare night of relaxation. I have been stressed to the max these days. Work and home. We haven't had heat for a month and a half, and my landlord is taking his time getting it fixed. It's not his fault, and he is a really great landlord (he is), it's just been taking a little longer than we all hoped to fix everything that is wrong and people are in and out of my apartment ALL THE TIME. Which makes me super crazy mental when all I want to do is sit in my pyjamas and let my gut hang out.

Which is what I did on this night. It was glorious. Can anyone guess what video game I am playing at the moment?

I had to get out of the house on this day as I was facing a serious meltdown about people being in my apartment again. Dave is a saint I tell you. He really is. So we walked around Bloor West Village and went to Chapters and I bought a board game. It was a gorgeous day out (this was a week ago), and now everything is covered in snow and it feels like -15C out there right now.

Oh yeah. So much fun. You must be a Harry Potter nerd to win this game! I won twice. Yay!

Even the cats are cold and seek warmth where ever they can find it.

And we have made it to today. We woke up to a winter wonderland and it made my heart sing! Although I do not like how cold it is, I love that it has finally snowed. Took you long enough Mother Nature!

Long post, but necessary. Tomorrow we go to Ikea to buy me a dresser.  I am super excited about this as the one I have is a piece of shit garbage and broken.  

Anyway, goodnight friends!  May your weekends be lovely!

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