Every Day

by - February 13, 2012

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I don't celebrate it.  Not because I have anything against it really, I just think it's another day, and as lame-o cheese as it sounds, I have a guy who treats me pretty fucking awesome every day of the year.  Even if I am a grumpy asshole sometimes.

Work today was stupidly busy, as it has been lately.  But I am not going to whine about it, because I am tired of hearing myself.  I have a plan and I am carrying it out, and that makes me feel better in itself.  I think I am serious about this one.  I have thrown a lot of ideas up in the air in the past and nothing ever came of them, but this one seems less like an idea and more of a necessity.  So that's great.  I will let you guys in on my little secret the closer I get to seeing it come alive.

Other than that, nothing much is going on.  Just digesting after a good dinner, feeling good that I didn't waste too much food in my fridge this week, and happy that I am in my pjs.  Yes, it's the little things. 

Anyone have plans for Valentine's day this year?

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