Family Times

by - February 24, 2012

This past Monday was Family Day here in Canada. Or what I like to call: a day to sit on the couch and be lazy. Dave and I, well I, decided that we were going to visit my parents this year in their far away land to the south.  Look at me using the day responsibly! 

It was a double sided visit, because they had a futon we wanted to pick up.  So that when people crash here they can be comfy.  I am a nice girl, I think of these things.  Also I know they have beer and food.

My sister and I texted each other pictures of our nails.  Because we are stupid. If we were fawning over each other's nails in person, our voices would raise to glass shattering range and the conversation would most likely degrade into talking about our periods and how angry we are.

Not today though. On this day, the sun made me so happy I wanted to skip and jump and tiptoe through tulips. Even if it was very early in the AM on my day off.  

Honestly, look at this beautiful amazingness. You should have seen it outside today, complete opposite shitty weather day, so looking at these photos are making me nostalgic for this Monday past.

Oh look, I see our Zipcar!! Thanks for murdering me on the extra mileage assholes!

I love how I am acting like I LOOOVVEEE my coffee and I NEEEDDDD my coffee when in reality it's a decaf tea. I don't drink caffeine anymore. Clean for three months baby! I do need this decaf tea though, really I do.

Such a gorgeous day for a long drive.  I got to be dj on the way up. Errr...down.

What I imagine I looked like as a five year-old trying to get away with something. Believe me, there was ALWAYS something. Ask my mother.

We were just coming up to the Skyway and I can't resist taking photos as we drive on it because it is glorious.  So pretty.


That's Hamilton over there with all that smoke. I have only ever been there once, just driving through. I remember it was pretty dirty, but everyone who lives there thinks it's very pretty. I have no judgement on these people. Oh but wait until I visit there one day!!! Then I will pass the ultimate judgement and inflict the worst Torontonian snobbery on those Hammer heathens!!! Just kidding.

La-la-la.  I am pretty sure it was at this point that a Depeche Mode song came on and I asked Dave if their songs depressed him.  He answered with, "Depressing songs make me happy. It's happy songs that depress me".    *-*

Ok ok everyone who lives in Hamilton....I's pretty.

As soon as we walked in the door at my parents' my mom handed her dogs off to us. We didn't mind. It was nice to take a walk after the drive. Even if they are little bastards who walk like crazy small humans. I can say this about them they are my siblings.

I keep forcing Dave to walk to the water with me to bully him into thinking it's pretty. Although every time we have gone there it has been Winter and colder than a witches tit and I can tell by his hunched over, Zelda from Pet Semetary-like posture that he is in fact NOT enjoying it, and I should probably just wait until it's warm out to get him to appreciate it.

After I took this picture Bailey tried to rip my arm out of it's socket and my phone went flying ten feet into the air.  Probably landed in some goose shit and now I have a disease.  I mean, most likely.  But goddamn aren't we cute!!!!

Told you they would have food and beer. Homemade delicious food at that. Thanks daddy! Sorry mom, for getting tipsy at 11 0'clock in the morning.

We hung out for a few hours and then loaded up that bitch of a futon and got the hell out of dodge. It was a long drive back and it was starting to get dark. Dave was the dj on the way home so we got to listen to really whiney girls singing about love *eye roll*.

Typical mother tendencies. Loading us up with food.

I see you Toronto! Every time I leave it, even if it's just for a day, I am always so happy to get back.  Even if it is a crazy shit city that irritates me and everyone living in it is bananas. I love my home.

Tomorrow is a John day!! Going to crash at his place tomorrow and we are going to drink and eat....what we do best.  

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  Stay tuned for a gross out post! Or don't, whatever!

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