Girls Night Out

by - February 19, 2012

A couple of us girls decided to pack up the car and visit Jess and Rob for the night at their house, out in the middle of nowhere the country. You know, to get out of the city. Because after the week we all had, a night of booze and food was required. Even if we did have to drive 3 hours away to get it.

Dave and I spent the morning lying in bed watching The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret which is one of the funniest shows I have watched in a while. Not surprising since David Cross and Will Arnett are in it...but it was nice to be able to chill before a long drive and crazy night.  Ahhh...pjs and sunshine.

I did my NNNEEERRRRRLLLSSS! Fuck I am such a girl (not really). I still have a dick the size of the Grand Canyon in my brain, don't you worry people!  I am just trying to make a little more of an effort with my outward appearance, but the pervy potty mouth you all know and love is still rampant.

Speaking of girly, this is on the way from the UK:

I can't wait for it to get here. Hey UK friends? How long does it usually take?  

This is an amazing picture, I know.  Yup.

Ahhh the sunshine was making me very happy.  The sun is being a little bitch these days and won't show it's diva face to the world. Makes me want to punch it into submission.

Oh yes this outfit. I can never decide if I like this short sweater or not. Every time I see pictures of myself wearing it, I think 'ugh', but it works with this outfit soooooo......yeah. Ugh, I just said 'works with this outfit'. Someone slap me.

Dave waited in the hallway with me while the girls were on their way to pick me up.  He was the holder of my pillow, the gentleman that he is.

I mean, I guess so?.....

???????? I am pretty sure he is giving the pillow a noogie ??????????

And this little escapee joined us and couldn't take her eyes off the outside. We don't let our cats out and she wants out there so very badly. I feel guilty but I also don't want to scrape her off the road like I had to do a neighbours's cat a year or two ago. It was brutal. Look at the desire in her eyes.

We drove through my old hometown on the way to Jessi's and we stopped off at the McDonald's so I could get a muffin. Was I little bit sad to be there since my parents moved away and months had passed? Nope. Not even a little bit. I do like that the signs look like sails though. This pleased me.

Oh yeah, here we go. Country time.

And after a lovely but loooong drive, we arrived! And I got to hug my Jessi, and eat a delicious dinner that she cooked. It had been too long since I had had her cooking, and damn do I ever miss it.

Cool face.

We cleaned her out of beer. We all got drunk and lost our depth perception and became slightly immobile as the night went on. I am telling you there is something healing and pretty awesome about a girls night. We all got into our pjs and cuddled up under blankets and talked into the early hours of the morning. We ventured outside at one point and it was cold and so pitch black and quiet. Just standing there looking up was magical.

After a restless sleep, Jess cooked the most amazing wonderful hang over breakfast and we all sat on the floor in sunbeams and ate and watched cartoons. Sigh...when can we go again?

Dave and I are both pretty beat tonight, so video games and documentaries in bed it is. Tomorrow is family day, and therefore a day off of work! We are going to see my parents (another long drive) and pick up a really comfy futon from them for our guest room.  

Another day of adventure here we come!

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