Gross Out Post: Finger Edition

by - February 25, 2012

Do not proceed if you do not like being grossed out. I happen to love it because I am a sick, sick person.

It has been a long week folks.  I was covering for a friend (and co-worker haha, friend first) while she went on a CRUISE the bitch (you better have had some reckless fun woman!), plus doing my own job, and both were effing busy.  

Add to that the fact that I was getting home at 8-9PM at night, working out, showering, and god knows what else, it was no secret that I was stupid tired.

Stupid enough to cut my finger so bad that I probably required stitches.

Look away if you are squeamish.


The initial cut.  After the bleeding stopped.

It didn't even hurt that's how quick it all went down.  I would like to ADVISE all of you that I was cutting a bagel the CORRECT way thank you very much.  Took every safety precaution I should have. Kind of.  I mean, I WAS cutting a frozen bagel, but that's beside the point.  Of course it bled a lot....but after I was finally able to stop the bleeding and really take a look at it I saw how bad it really was. I was so grossed out I loudly exclaimed that I had lost my appetite. Waited for a beat to let my dramatics sink in, and then slowly took a big bite of my bagel. Don't worry it wasn't bloody. I gave that one to Dave.  

Cleaned up a little bit!
This is what it looks like, the next day (today). Not TOO bad, and it's already trying to close itself up.  I called my mom to ask her if I should get stitches....told her it was pretty bad and she said not to worry about it, to put a band aid on it.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook and when she saw it she texted (yelled) that I should have got stitches and did I want to get lock jaw? When was my last tetanus shot? Gooooooood......parents, right?

The next morning.
I totally took for granted how much I use my thumb.  Pulling up my pants turned into a slow awkward dance. Doing my hair...yeah right...and essentially everything else you do that is normal becomes abnormal without the use of a thumb.  Really makes you appreciate that little guy.  Now I am all paranoid about those damn knives. This is the same thumb that I almost cut off opening a can of soup. I didn't have feeling in it for months and months. It took that long to fully heal. Sigh.  Do we see a pattern here?  I think I am the problem.  Apparently I hate my left thumb.

Right now.  All better see?
When we were deciding if I should get stitches or not, my deciding factor to NOT get any was that I had just put my pajamas on and more importantly, opened a beer.  No way in hell I was going to sit in an emergency room for hours and hours when I could stay home and dull the pain the natural way!

Good thing I didn't go because I am healing quite nicely without any stitches. It's kind of neat (and lots of gross) how skin reattaches itself.  Makes you appreciate how cool your body is, you know?

Anyway, on that note, pleasant dreams everyone!! 

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