I Can Feel It

by - February 29, 2012

I thought I would post today, if only for my nasty cut up finger not to appear as the first thing that everyone sees.  Also, I need to apologize in advance as it seems I went a little comment deleting crazy.  Why I thought I could delete comments from where I was deleting them, and not think that they would be permanently deleted, I don't know.  I am tired ok?

I am currently sitting here, desperately needing a shower, but too fucking lazy and tired to have one.  My week has been exhausting at work...one thing after another.  I hate complaining about that asshole place on here because it's boring and negative, but they dropped another bombshell on me this week and I feel like I am running out of patience.  Enough said.

I spent the past weekend at John's, and I took zero pictures.  I was too lazy and full of fattening food and alcohol and staying up until 6AM to bother.  You know I like documenting my life moments: big and small, but sometimes you just have to enjoy it.  Plus, I hate the iPhone camera.  I need an actual digital camera again.

Here are some pictures I did take this week:

Blah blah a sponge I am currently washing my dishes with.  Yes I took a picture of a sponge.


My nails matched my Jell-o. In my all the time state of physical and mental exhaustion, this fascinated me.

I ordered this bad boy (uhhh...actually super prissy GIRL) from the UK (15 dollah!) and I got it in the mail this week. It's my cupcake phone!

So yup. That was my boring week. Still don't have the energy to shower.  I keep telling myself I will do it in the morning but I KNOW what will happen if I put it off until then: I will wake up REALLY not wanting to shower and I will call in sick to work because I can't go in this dirty.  


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