The Pursuit of Happiness

by - February 12, 2012

A few friends and I were out for lunch the other day and we started talking about where we were in our lives.  

Now, I have no issues with my life at the moment, other then my job. Anyone else feel me here?

I don't hate my job exactly, I just don't like the direction the company is taking. It's becoming more and more corporate and I know that I don't fit into that setting.  It's not even that the company is becoming more corporate, I don't care about's that we are being treated all 'corporate'.  You can't hire a bunch of kids from a coffee shop, treat them like normal people for a long time and then decide to one day treat them all as if they are a number .  I mean, maybe they can, maybe I am naive and that is how the world works. But I don't like it.

Anyway, this is what sparked the conversation: what else would we want to do?  And this has been my problem for years, answering this question.  


I know what I love doing during my free time, but do I want to turn the things I love doing into a job?  Other then reading, writing and video games, I have no clue what I would want to do.  Every time I have had an idea I go out and do that thing, and then I end up hating it!

I sometimes wonder if it's just my personality.  Sometimes I wonder if maybe I just can't be happy with anything that I do.  And then another part of me thinks that I am only destined for greatness and I hate all the jobs I have done because they don't fall under that category.  

Who knows?  Certainly not me!! My life would be much easier if I had a clue.

One of our friends sitting at the table very simply stated, "Of course you can do what you want and get paid well for it.  Just because you want to do something artistic or outside of the box doesn't mean you will get paid shitty for it.  Just try".

We all sort of instantly piped up that NO! It's easier said than done!  Getting a writing job would pay crap wages and I would starve and not be able to do anything fun!

But, is she right?  What do you think?  

Am I just being a scared little bitch to leave my well paying job in pursuit of my own happiness?  

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