Say Yes to the Dress

by - February 01, 2012

No, not a wedding dress. BUT, a dress to wear to my brother's wedding. So excited! So, which one would you choose and/or choose for me to wear?  P.S- don't mind my socks!

So this first one I like to call the 'hoochie mama' option.

I was the most comfortable in this one. Definitely my style, and would look super cute dressed down with a boho scarf and slouchy boots.

I LOVED this one, but the sequins made it heavy and HOT. I would lose 10 pounds in sweat throughout the night. BUT, that doesn't mean I wouldn't buy it if y'all think it looks the best!

This one is cute.

This one I think LOOKED the best.  It felt good on and is definitely different than what I would normally choose. It's one that is out of my comfort zone.

So what do you all think?

  • Hoochie Moochie Mama!
  • Black My Style
  • Gold Glitter Sweaty
  • Cute Grey/Black Plain
  • Red Will Take Some Balls

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