Life is Pretty Good

by - March 19, 2012

Do you guys remember this candy?  Bottle caps, yeah!  Dave and I saw them at the store the other night and I was all, whoa!  Blast from the past.  And then we bought them and realized they aren't that good. Wanna know why?  Because we are ADULTS now (shudder), and we don't like the super sugary taste of them. When did this happen?  When did we go from demon's foaming at the mouth at the thought of sugar, to people who say things like "I just CAN'T eat that.  It's TOO sweet". God.

HA! speaking of adults...

It was a busy weekend.  Busy but AWESOME.  The weather feels like late Spring around these parts and everyone has had a mammoth dose of vitamin D. People are bouncing when they walk, and everyone is saying hello to each other. Very different from the pale, vampiric wraiths that stumble around all winter, keeping to themselves, trying to survive the outside world as they go from A to B.

Yup.  There's that.

Saturday was a beautiful day, and I headed to Joyce's with my sister to get 'Part 2: from brown to blonde' complete. Change is in the air, and I think when it turns from winter to spring, we all feel it. We all crave it. For me, I crave being a little bit dumber. I crave having a lot more fun. Just kidding!

Come on right? Joyce is a freaking genius. Genius I say.

Sunday: Dave and I decided to be outside for as long as humanly possible.

Shit I need sunglasses. There is a teepee being erected between my eyes.

My newb converse. I hate when they look THAT new. But as Dave pointed out, it's cringe-worthy when they do finally get that first scuff mark on them. You want them dirty, but it hurts when it happens.

I hoovered that muffin. My stomach was eating itself on our walk to Tim Horton's this morning. We pretty much woke up, threw on some clothes and left the house. When it's this nice outside, you don't want to fuck around.

Those are True Religion jeans behind me. I found them at Winners for $133.  I tried them on and of course they were perfect. Fit wonderfully and we became one. I didn't buy them. I figured I could get more bang for my buck by shopping for jeans elsewhere and really, how big of a deal was I REALLY getting? Well, being the fuck face that I am who obviously knows nothing about brand name stuff, I went onto the True Religion website and then I DIED A THOUSAND DEATHS. Those jeans behind me? Right there?  Four hundred dollars.  OH. MY. GOD, I am an idiot. I don't even know how big the savings are percentage wise. Josh? Help me out here.

Look at this guy.  The love of my life. We are standing in front of his soon-to-be workplace. Guys, Dave is now working for Ubisoft. He gets to play video games all day and get paid for it.  He gets PAID for it.  I am sure it is all kinds of tedious being a video game tester, but what do you do for a living?  Because he gets to play video games all day.  My job is tedious and I don't get to play video games.  Or play with toys when I need a break.  Or sit in a bean bag chair when I have a meeting.  I might be a bit jealous as whenever I refer to his 'job', I put '      ' around the word.

Oh hey there sunshine! Long time no see! It was a hard, long day of buying myself shit. I needed a glass of wine.

I seriously died when I saw him in this. SERIOUSLY. We might be a good looking couple at my brother's wedding in April. Maybe.

Awesome find of the day: stemless wine glasses from Winners. I knew they were cool because they are called 'City Chic'. That's me right? I am soooo Sex in the City over here.

Awesome find of the day # 2: these Blowfish flats.  Can they BE any cuter?  Who am I channeling Dave?  You called me this name last night. Hey I know! Let's play charades and figure it out!

I shall leave you with this mess here, and bid you a good day.

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