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by - March 06, 2012

Yesterday was my quarterly check up with my vampire  blood doctor, so I had the day off from work.  Yay fun! I get to take a day off (that I had to work extra for even though I am on salary but whatever) to go and sit in a hospital all day! Whoa bitter. Deep breath. Sorry about that guys.

Because Dave is honestly the nicest guy ever, he took a half day off of school to accompany me. Which is greatly appreciated because it would be so boring otherwise. We were there for a few hours and then decided to walk from Princess Margaret Hospital (downtown) to home. So about an hour and a half walk. In what felt like -17C. As you can see, it was sunny, and absolutely beautiful out.  We thoroughly enjoyed the walk, despite the bitter cold.

Until this happened. AHHH!! WHY? This was on the inside of a denture clinic!

What's with the monster claws? I think these were bought at a Halloween supply store. You know, to scare children when they come up to your porch. Why would you put these in your storefront window?  WTF?  The painted fingernails are a nice touch though.

Another pretty sunshine shot. Makes me happy.

AHHH!! And then this was just out in the middle of the street, just...WALLKING AROUND. WTF?  It looks like something from a Halloween supply store. No way in hell I am making this one extra large.

Loved these games in my youth.

Eyes and teeth....teeth and eyes.

I didn't like this shot because my jeggings are all saggy and I look like I have elephant legs. So I made Dave take two more.

Trying to smooth out my pants here....

Oh whatever I'll just make a stupid face and hope that it's cute.

Let's go play some hockey eh?  And then you can take off when the streetlights come on, hoser!

All we're missing is some Tim Horton's.

We decided to walk by this building of wonder. Why is it such a thing you ask? Well, Dave is going to be working here soon. Like, very soon.  

I am not going to say where it is until he is actually in there, but he was offered the job and he accepted. We just don't want to jinx it. Even though I pretty much just did.

I will say that to some of you, IT IS THE COOLEST JOB THAT EVER LIVED. At least, I think it is. I am going to be jealous of him when he gets up to go to 'work' everyday.  

Stay tuned for the reveal!  Gah!! So excited for him.

Oh right.  Excitement diminishing, we have to walk up this beast. At least he will be getting some exercise on the 20 minute walk to and from work.

It was so cold I was like, "Okay listen up! One picture of me, pass the camera over, I will take one on either side of the bridge, we leave, got it?". It was THAT cold. Just look at my nose. I look like Rudolph.

One side of bridge.

Oh damn I lied!  I took one behind us too!  I love this picture.

Other side of bridge.

And then we went home and drank ginger ale.

The end.

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