Barbecue Despite It All

by - April 27, 2012

These top few pictures were taken over a month ago, and it was cold.  I refused to allow it to keep me inside though.  Once the snow melts I am sitting on my deck and drinking a beer if it kills me!  Also, we barbecue.  The trick is to huddle over the fire for warmth.

Look at how stupid happy I look.  Patio season is my favorite time of year.  My friends and I maaaaybe jump the gun every year and head outside to drink WAY too early, but we have fun doing it.  For the first hour you are freezing, but then the alcohol does it's job. And all the laughing, that too.

Total bliss.

In a moment of reflection as I was gazing out the window, it was sunny and warm in my little corner of the couch, and I was happy.  Spring (and Summer!) is coming.

A week after these were taken it got so hot everyone was wearing shorts.  Today? It snowed a bit.

Oh yeah! This was good.  Can't remember what it was though.  We ordered it at our favorite curry place, Curry Twist.  It's not on the menu on the link, I just checked.  But honestly, the nicest people ever own this place, and it is THE best Indian food I have ever consumed.  The stuffed bread rolls are killer. Now my mouth is watering.  

I ordered this shirt off of ebay and it was a FIASCO.  I ordered a medium (even though I knew I should have ordered a small) and it was 4 sizes too big for me.  So then I wanted to send it back but didn't want to pay the shipping.  Ebay flagged me because I by accident ordered two shirts and only paid for one so they were going to put a stop to my account.  I thought quickly and decided to keep the giant shirt and give it to my friend (Shaun it's yours) and I paid for the second one I ordered by accident and requested a small. The small is still way too big. Something that should have cost me $30 in total is now going to cost me close to $80 when all is said and done.  Cool shirt though right!!??? Don't mind that I look like I was punched in the face, it's 'just allergies'.

Ahhhhh...sunshine.  Those shoes ripped my feet apart..  I now hate them.  A LOT.  I still have the blisters from them from two weeks ago. But ahhhh....sunshine.

My new iPhone case.  I feel pretty rad holding this up to my ear.  People think I am talking to a cassette tape.  I grew up in the era of cassettes.  All the ones I had fit into two shoe boxes and I bought them all myself working in a diner when I was 13.  They were my pride and joy, those tapes.

We were playing around with wedding hair.  Not my wedding, but my bro's.  It's tomorrow and I am shitting my pants excited!

I went blonder.  I am enjoying this process of going blonde gradually.  It makes it seem more natural, and people are used to when it goes blonder right away because it's such a subtle change.  It's cool, by the Summer I will be B-LONDE!

Oh my god oh my god....I barbecued a pork tenderloin.  Holy mother of Jesus it was good.  Like, soooo effing good.  Sometimes my skills as a human being amaze me.

It was administrative day here, and my beautiful boss Diana bought me some pretty tulips.  They made my day, completely.

Until she bought me this.  Then my day was really made. 

Tomorrow is the wedding!  The wedding we have all been waiting for over here for forever! I can't wait to party and have a great time...many pictures to come!

Happy Friday everyone!

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