Avert Your Eyes, There Is Some Skin Showing

by - May 25, 2012

Now look at this would you? ME??? In a bathing suit???  P.S-notice how white I am. About as white as the concrete.

Yes it does happen every so often...sometimes I show some skin.  SOMETIMES.  And then my hair gets a boner! Just kidding...I am an idiot.

This past weekend my sister and I headed over to Jyoce's (she of the magical hair sculpting and beautifying) to swim.  Joyce wasn't around but she was nice enough to allow us to hang out in her backyard and lounge by the pool.

The pool, unfortunately, was only 60 degrees, and even though I did lower my body into the frigid waters to swim around a bit, it was WAY too cold.  Like little ice daggers all over my body.  It was craziness because the sun was just so hot.

Oh look here, I died from dehydration.  Does this not look like I am all laid out, only because I am amazing I decided to go with a beach theme funeral?  Hey, that's not a bad idea you know.  Who would cry and be upset? Everyone is at the beach!  You could also view this picture as me taking a poo.  My face is all strained and weird.

I can't wait to go back when the water is feeling a little more fine.  And when I have some sunscreen because I got a bitch of a sunburn!

Here's me trying to capture said burn.  Now why can't I see it?...

Maybe if I turn this way?  It's the light right?


It kind of went like that.  Also, I could beat you up!  But I would never, because I am a very nice girl.

Happy Summer days and nights people!

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