I Got the Blues

by - May 17, 2012

Well, not really. Kind of. Not life blues, but work blues. But who the eff doesn't have those?

But how can I have them when I get to come home to this special thing?  Honestly, makes me laugh.

Hahaha! Oh good god...see?  What a cat I tell ya!

Work has been very nuts lately.  Very.  And it is a bit of a garbage place to be these days...thankfully I don't give a shit.  I am very much so in a head space where I don't care, and that makes my stress levels very low on the subject. 

Look at that face.  How could I possibly be stressed out when I come home to this?  Is that how people feel about their kids?  Until they open their mouths I mean?  Just kidding!

This picture is a perfect metaphor of my life.  Dark clouds looming.  Now come on guys, don't go reading into this all crazy-like, I am fine.  There was a big project at work I had yet to start, but it's started and has turned out fine.  A lot of work, but it's going. This is just how I felt beforehand.

But seriously though, look at that cloud.  We were driving right under it and the world was pitch black. I had never seen anything so violent looking before. We had gone to buy Dave a new desk to better house his composing work and all the equipment that goes along with it, and I figured since we had a car, lets drive across the city for some delicious Kenzo!

See? This desk!  I am all over the place today, I know.  I am home sick from work and a bit loopy today.  Anyway, we turned into bad, BAD people putting this desk together. We are normally a great team when we put stuff together, but the instructions that came with this desk were OH MY GOD.  Ikea has nothing on this bad boy.

My favorite part is how things are screwed in like this whereas before they were piled on top of each other.  Frees up a lot of desk space.  And it looks neater!

So back to the stormy day.  We made it to Kenzo and as we were eating the storm began.  Not so much violent with a lot of thunder and lightning or anything (although there was some of that), but holy moly the rain.  It was raining so hard you couldn't see a foot in front of you.

Before the storm was making itself known in these parts, I had worn my rain boots all day and had been carrying around my umbrella.  For some STUPID reason I took my boots off and left my umbrella at home before we got into the car.  I think I used the statement, "I have faith it won't rain on us tonight".  Good grief.

At around 8:30PM it stopped raining.  And didn't rain again until we dropped the car off at 10PM and had a 20 minute walk ahead of us.  I am talking like, at 10 o'clock on the DOT, it started POURING.  I shut the car door and it thundered once in warning and down poured.  Like, from 0 to torrential in half a second.  Once we were soaked through completely (which took about 3 seconds), Dave and I just looked at each other and laughed.  Because what else are you going to do?

I had straightened my hair on this morning.  Yep.  Cool.  It wasn't even raining on this day, but it was damp and kind of spitting.  And this is what happens to me.  The horror. But at least I am doing my all time favourite thing, and that is DRINKING.  Is that bad to admit?  But honestly what has been keeping me together these days (because of the work thing) is being able to drink a beer or glass of wine when I get home.  When the day is done and I walk home like a zombie, this is what gets me there.  

And this.  Yum.  I have been so tired that I don't even want to cook.  Or barbecue I should say because that is all we do when the weather gets nice.

I hadn't had mac and cheese in YEARS.  And it disappointed.  Why is it always so bland?  Is that how it's supposed to taste?  I feel like it SHOULD taste like it has a ton of flavour and it never does.  I need to start making my own and perfecting it to the way I like.

So that's the end.  Back to nap time.

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