Ice Cream Date # 95960559

by - May 23, 2012

It has been absolutely beautiful here lately. And thank goodness. It felt like it was taking it's time.

The sunshine has been good.  The blooming of everything? Not so good.  Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic about it, but my insides are definitely not.  My allergies are horrendous this year.  And guess what? I don't take anything to alleviate my symptoms!  EVER!

So this is how I walk around until things settle down.  Like a cantankerous old woman. I am hoping and praying it isn't going to be an all Summer thing.  That it will only stick around for the Spring, when everything is exploding into bloom.  

Look at this happy camper. In his pink shirt.  It takes a real man to wear pink.

Looooove my face here.  This is an amazing picture.

I wish my deck was this green.  We are having a hard time growing ivy.  But god we have been patient and it's just not working.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.

I want to own a condo in this building.  It used to be an old church and it is gorgeous from the outside.  I keep wanting to go in and see the inside hallways and how they converted it, but I haven't yet.  One day. Condos sell for around $300,000-$600,000, so no dice for us.

Well that ivy is growing, and it's in between windows!  What the frig man?

Ah yes, mission complete.  This pleases us.

There's that old woman again.

Haha! Dave.

Like I always say, do what you can to enjoy your life people! You only get one of them! Eat ice cream!

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