Springtime in the City

by - May 13, 2012

This weekend was one of good company and even better food!  I have been wanting to host friends more often at our house (now that it is in a state where it no longer looks like a college dorm, (yay money!), and this weekend we did just that.  

Friday night we had Di over for some barbecue and martinis, and as always, it was a blast hanging out with her.

Yesterday we had my sister and John over for barbecue and a whole plethora of drinks. 

But of course, the day started with breakfast at our favorite place of life, Cool Hand.  I was so hungry my stomach was eating itself here (such a gross saying).  Also, I have no boobs.  One downside of weight loss...I guess.  

Dave and his latte.  The latte and Dave.  Not sure if this is going to turn into a fight or a make out session.

Dave, the love of my life/ man of my dreams, bought me a new camera.  No, he is not those things because he bought me a camera. Who am I kidding, he is!  So get ready for me testing this sucker out...meaning, way too many pictures of yours truly in various MySpace poses.

This camera can do many things.  The only thing it can't do is make you look LESS SHINY (me) or MORE AWAKE (Dave).  Take it back!  Just kidding, I love it.

There is a pet setting on the camera.  That allows you to take perfect pictures of your pets.  I don't know...did I?  Exhibit number 1, Pandorah.

Exhibit number 2, Mikah.

Exhibit number 3, Ju-ni, who Dave had to hold on to because she never stops moving on account of being a shit disturber having a lot of energy.  Calicos....don't ever get one if you want a calm cat.

Oh well hello there, you are not a pet.

The place where all the fun and grilling of meat happens.  Unless you are a vegetarian.  Then I will grill you vegetables.

It kind of looks like there is snow on these leaves.  Pretty.

Dave and I went out and bought a crap load of alcohol yesterday, this bad boy being one of the things we bought.  It's a mango liqueur, and it is so delicious.  We just mixed it with some club soda and voila! we have made the best summer drink ever.

See?  Come over and you can taste!

My ass was parked in that chair for the night.  We ran around and did so much yesterday, and then we came home and I did so much around the house to prep for our guests, that I pooped myself out.  Not to mention that it was really hot yesterday and that my allergies are murdering mother fucks right now.  I realize that doesn't make sense, but I don't care.  By the time my sister came over I was a grumpy Gus.  I tried to shake it off but it didn't happen.  I wasn't a party pooper per se, but I wasn't the life of the party either.

Panoramic capabilities.  Love this little camera.

Look at that concentration.  When I get a new toy my nerd comes out (it never goes in) and I have to play with whatever it is I have forever.  

Oh yeah, there was food.  I forgot.  I left the yellow peppers on my plate.  They were mushy.

John, my best friend.  You know him, I go to his gorgeous condo every once in a while when I need to get away from life and pretend I am rich and own a gorgeous condo.  

Glad I could finally return the food and alcohol buddy.

Craziness.  This was taken in pitch black, without a flash. Technology I tell you.

Well, that's cool.  This is my normal face.

Sisters....from the same mister.


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