Up to No Good: Abandoned House Edition

by - May 27, 2012

My sister and I enjoy going into abandoned houses. Like REALLY enjoy it. People think we are crazy, and I am not sure why.  It's FUN!

So when Krista found a website called Ontario Abandoned Places that tells you where an abandoned house is (or ghost town) anywhere in Ontario, we were pretty excited. It gives you an address and everything, with a little backround on the house itself.  Things like, if you go in you will DIE DIE DIE!  Just kidding, it doesn't say that.

So last Saturday as we were enjoying some lunch after our pool sunburning extravaganza, Krista looked up if there were any empty houses where we were at that time (Brampton) and she found an entire area of them.  The road was kind of out in the middle of nowhere, very pretty country road.  And there were so many abandoned houses it was crazy.  

The first one we found was this one.  Try as we might, we could not find a way in, and we are known for 'gently' pushing on old doors until they 'open' under the strain of our weight, climbing in windows, and even going through dark basements if we have to.

We did notice that there was some equipment lying about, as if this old beast was being fixed up.  Okay fine...the locks on all the doors were all brand new and there were signs that people had just left the property.

If anyone were to ever ask why we are trespassing on their property, I'll just flash them these pearly whites. Think that would work?

I also noticed that there was smoke coming from this pile here, and even a few flames reaching up from the sticks and branches.

I wasn't sure if someone had started this fire, or if the sun had started a fire because everything was so dry.

I quickly figured out that it was a man made fire, and that they hadn't completely put it out.  I know that the area is surrounded by a field of dirt, but in my opinion it was pretty stupid to leave a fire burning unattended when it was that hot/ dry out.  If there had been a breeze, they wouldn't have had to worry about renovating their house anymore.  In trying to put it out because I am a good Samaritan, I stuck my entire foot into a pile of burning embers.  Serves me right I guess...I WAS trying to break into their house.

There was a falling down shed that we attempted to get in to as well, until we opened the door...

There was so much shit in there, old boxes of stuff, Christmas ornaments, and it all looked like it had been burned.  So weird.

Oh hey there friend.  Let's stay friends by me standing over here, and you standing way over there! Thanks!

Didn't get into this guy, but don't worry...I have a few more posts coming up where we did get into some, even a creepy church!

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